Claudia at 34 weeks

34-weeks and rapidly approaching the 8-month mark, it’s truly bizarre to think that my tiny newborn is already almost 8 months old, where has the time gone?!

34 weeks


I took this photo at Claudia’s Hartbeeps class this week – she loves Hartbeeps!  It was so cute, all the babies were given chef’s hats and little mixing bowls and spoons and plastic balls and shaky eggs and we were signing “jelly on a plate” and mixing up the things in the bowls and she had such a fun time, she really really enjoyed herself.  It’s great having this fun one-on-one time with her as well as it’s not that easy to spend quality time with her when I have both children at the same time, so these moments when it’s just the two of us are very precious and I love to see her face light up when she gets to discover new things.

Claudia’s had a good week, I think the teething has eased off a bit momentarily and while she’s still very very dribbly and drooly, she hasn’t seemed grouchy and in pain, so hopefully she’s getting a bit of a break from that for the moment.

Sleep wise much the same, continues to be good at night but sometimes during the day if we’re busying about too much and there’s too much distraction around her, she will push on through and one day this week she was awake from 11am until 7pm!! I don’t want that to be a regular occurance!

Weaning has been going well this week.  I will confess that I decided to make life easier for myself this week and we’ve been relying on lots of Ella’s Kitchen pouches, but as a result she has been happily scoffing lots of things on offer and it’s got us into a bit more of a routine of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so that’s worked well and also it removed some of the stress and pressure for me in a busy week post holiday where I had a million-and-one-things to do and making a variety of baby meals from scratch was just not really feasible.

I ended the week though with a trip to the supermarket to stock up on a variety of fruits and vegetables and other yummy nutritious things that I could blitz up with the hand-blender and offer Claudia, in a bid to get back into home-prepared food and get organised and so she has enjoyed some nice home-cooked chicken, veggies, and lots of different fruits towards the end of the week and I feel like we’ve taken a big step forward in establishing her on three meals a day.

I’ve also been trying hard to bath Claudia most nights as she absolutely loves the bath and splashing about in the water, she could stay in the bath for hours if I’d let her!  She particularly loves being on her tummy in the water, so I have to hold her very carefully, and she kicks and splashes around and giggles.  She often cries when you take her out as she’s so annoyed to be taken out of the bath, but before long with a tickle on the tummy and lots of cuddles in the towel, she’s back to smiling again and happily enjoying her bottle of milk before bedtime.

Still not crawling just yet, although I could have sworn I saw her edge herself forward a little the other day, but I don’t think it could really class as crawling, so we’re still on “crawl watch” in the Richmond household.  I think it might be time to see if she can fit into her Creepers Crawlers playsuit to see if that might help things along a little!

2 thoughts on “Claudia at 34 weeks

  1. I am torn between loving the age they are at now to feeling sad at how quickly it is going. Baby C looks like she is thriving, we really need to meet up with them soon, would be so lovely to see you. Weaning is going ok here as well but I must admit to using pouches a lot as well as it is just easier- we normally have a finger food lunch and then puree’s for dinner and porridge for breakfast.
    LL is definitely not as good a sleeper as Mads. She sleeps usually from 7 until 5 and then comes in our bed and it is hit and miss, sometimes she goes straight back to sleep and sometimes she lies awake until 7.30! But i am lucky that they both nap at the same time, usually from half one until 4pm. And because I have that, and I get a chance to relax, I can deal with the occasional early wake up- most of the time I just doze and she feeds/dozes/hits me in the face. 😉 She still naps on the sofa though but I quite like it, I just sit on my laptop or tidy up around her while she snoozes. x

    • I’m so with you – it’s really hard to balance how you feel about how quickly they’re growing up but how exciting it is to see them getting bigger and more interactive each day and their personalities coming through more and more. I would absolutely love to get together with you and your girls, it would be such fun to see them all playing together! Quite reassuring to read how you’re going with the weaning journey – some days it’s good some days not so much for us and pouches have really made it easier, glad that’s not just me!
      OMG you’re so so lucky that they both nap in the afternoon, I’m so jealous! Allegra hasn’t napped in the afternoon since around the time she turned 2 years old, so the days can be quite long and demanding some time! Still, they both sleep generally well at night, so I guess I can’t complain too much 🙂 xx

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