Review: Vanish – Where there’s a stain there’s a way!

Having these two in the house means that we experience the odd stain or two (or million)…


Food and drink, mud, grass, the odd bit of blood from a scraped knee, baby puke, poo and wee (the potty training days were dark times… a fair few pants went to pant heaven during that phase), we have them all in the Richmond house, so when those stain removal geniuses over at Vanish got in touch to offer me some products to review, I didn’t have to think twice about that one.


I was sent the Vanish Oxi Action Pre Treat Spray and Powder to put to the test, along with a handy little booklet, which gives you detailed stain removal methods for the most common stains along with recommendations on which products from the Vanish range are best used for what stains (on clothes and carpets or upholstery) – very very useful! So if you need to know how to remove coffee stains or even tough to remove blood stains, then this little bible of information is for you!

I put the Vanish products I’d be sent to the test with some of baby Claudia’s clothes and decided to go for whites in order to really put it through its paces.  So, we had… regurgitated purée of carrot, parsnip, and apple (lovely) on the shoulder of a babygro; some of last night’s dinner of pea, broccoli and pear on the neck and chest of a top; and the usual smattering of baby vomit/dribble on Claudia’s pyjama top and dribble bib to contend with:


The advice from Vanish is to treat the stain as soon as possible, rather than let it dry and set in, which makes it more difficult to remove.  But with all the above, I didn’t get to them straight away, so in that sense, they were more of a challenge to get out, but not with Vanish it seems…

I set to work with the Pre Treat Spray, spraying the foamy mixture over the stains both sides of the fabric and then rubbing gently.  On some of the clothes I could even see the stains disappearing just after having rubbed the foam in…



I left them for about 5 minutes, before then putting in to the machine to wash with my normal detergent and fabric softener.  I added a scoop of the Vanish Oxi Action Powder too and decided to wash at 60° as some of the stains were quite bad.

So, here are the results….



Absolutely fantastic!  No trace or sign of the stains AT ALL on any of the clothes that I used the Vanish pre treat spray on.  The babygros were returned to their former glory, no hint of purée or puke, they all looked super clean, white, and fresh:

IMG_4864 IMG_4865 IMG_4866

Seriously impressive.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon at my in-laws and at tea-time, Claudia was enjoying a purée of spinach, swede, and apple.  There I was, happily shovelling it in to her little bird open mouth, when suddenly a combination of flailing baby arms and me not holding the bowl tightly enough and bam.. the bowl knocked out of my hand, flipped into the air, and most of the contents landed SPLAT on the beige carpet underneath the high-chair.


Quick as a flash, my mother-in-law dashed into the kitchen and returned with a wet cloth to clean up the mess and then out came the Vanish Powerfoam.  She sprayed it all over the stain, left it a few minutes, then went at it with another clean damp cloth.  Scrub, scrub, scrub, and then… it was as if the incident had never happened.  Amazing!  I only wish I could show you with photographic evidence, but I was too busy wiping dark-green goo off multiple surfaces to go rush for my camera.  I’m sure you understand.

I’m almost wishing for spillages and stains at this point, just so I can have the thrill of Vanish-ing them away! – yes, clearly I need to get out more…

Disclosure:  I was sent two Vanish products for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are honest and my own, as are the photographs of our real life stains!

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