{The Ordinary Moments} #8


A bit of an unusual one for my {The Ordinary Moments} photo this week, here is a snap I took a few days ago of Allegra’s much loved dollies in various states of undress. I found them like this in her room (well I lined them up to take the picture but I found them dishevelled like this) and it really made me smile and chuckle to myself.

I don’t know what it is about my girl, but every doll she has, they all get stripped! Apparently I was the same as a child – always taking the clothes off my dolls/toys, it seems I too am a naturist at heart (but don’t worry I’ve managed to suppress this side of me to date, no wobbling flesh on display in public tends to be a motto I try to live by day to day).

Allegra has not accepted the fact that the clothes on these dolls do not come off, they are stitched on, that is how they are made. But she tries desperately to de-robe them whenever she gets the chance! So you see here from left to right: Chloe with her dress up around her neck exposing her knickers; Natalie with her jacket off; then Ruby, Amelia, and Millie all with their tops hoisted up over their shoulders, exposing their midriffs but thankfully devoid of any boobs to flash.

I love to see the way Allegra plays with her toys, the funny things she does, and this is classic her. From these dollies to her baby Annabelle and baby Stella dolls, she likes ’em naked – even though we have a whole host of dolls clothes to choose from… no, naked

That is unless of course it is bedtime and then it’s very important that all her dollies are dressed for bed. Clearly just a delaying tactic to prevent me getting her into bed sooner rather than later, but one I fall for most nights!

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10 thoughts on “{The Ordinary Moments} #8

  1. She has some lovely dollies, even in a state of dishevelment! Kitty does the same to hers and I never can quite understand why I spend so much time carefully redressing them only to find them knicker-less again the next day!

    • Oh my god I am totally the same, carefully re-dressing them every day (why?!?) and then next day, they’re stripped again! Glad I’m not the only one!! The dolls are from Little Us and Nature’s Purest – Allegra adores them 🙂

  2. Not the point of the post, but the dolls are very cute. We do the same here. My Mum bought Mads her first Barbies (Shudder) last week and she constantly undresses it as well. They are funny little cookies these toddlers. 😉

    • The dolls are super cute aren’t they? they are Allegra’s beloved Little Us dolls and one doll from a company called Nature’s Purest, she LOVES these rag/soft dollies and I’m so pleased she does because I’m sure the Barbie days are just around the corner for us too! But what is it with the need to undress them all the time?! ha ha 🙂 x

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