Richmond Mummy Fashion Week #1: Review – FitFlop’s Sling™ Sandals

We’re in a bit of a fashion frenzy over here in the Richmond household, with lots of lovely shoes and clothes and the like up for review, so I’m declaring this Richmond Mummy Fashion Week!  First item up for review are these rather lovely FitFlop Sling Sandals in pink, which I’ve had over the summer months to put to the test:


Described by FitFlop as a “low-riding surf-preppy new sandal” they have a soft-cotton criss-cross webbing strap upper and ergonomic engineering underneath, which means that they diffuse pressure and provide instant relief to your feet from the “stress” of walking.

They may not be the prettiest nor daintiest of sandals, but they are undeniably comfortable and when we were on holiday in France over the summer, I really did live in them.  My feet have a tendency to get a bit puffy and hot in the warm weather (I know, lovely, trés sexy!), so these shoes were perfect for me as they are quite wide and the straps are adjustable so you can tighten or loosen as needed each day.

The Sling also have FitFlop’s patented Microwobbleboard midsoles, which made them really bouncy but sturdy to walk on and were so much better for my feet than flip-flopping around in my normal flimsy flip-flops on holiday.  They’re like a super-charged version of the humble flip-flop, keeping your feet holiday louche and cool but supported and secure at the same time.


I wore them to the beach, I wore them sight-seeing, I wore them traipsing around a theme park that included a forest and a farm (it was some theme park!), in fact I was kind of sad I had to take them off when we attended a wedding right at the end of the holiday (they didn’t feel like appropriate wedding guest footwear I thought), although I did hesitate because the colour scheme was pink and orange, and my Sling Sandals in hibiscus would have blended right in… but I gave in and put the heels on for the occasion… what a shock that was to the system!


What’s more, I managed to make it through the summer months with no cuts and blisters, no flapping plasters and ouch-y bits on my feet: a rare treat when it comes to summer shoes, no?

Now I realise that telling you about these marvellous summer sandals in October is probably not all that helpful, so here’s what I’ve done… I’ve selflessly spent a considerable amount of time browsing the new Women’s Collection and here are my top three favourites of the season, would love to know what you think:

Women’s FF Supersneaker Mid Pink


To support Breast Cancer Care, FitFlop has crafted a limited number of pairs of its superfly high top in a fabulous, fearless statement pink. Available in soft, fine kid suede, with a padded collar, and on their ergonomic midsole for unbelievable comfort.  Gorgeous and doing good at the same time, a no-brainer!  All profits from sales of the FitFlop Supersneaker™ Mid in ‘Pink on your Feet’ on will be donated to Breast Cancer Care.

UNO™ Croc Black & White


I’m always a sucker for a ballerina pump and these just have me hooked.  Super-luxe handcrafted leather, with height-giving FitFlop midsole for a boost, apparently they even make your legs look amazing graceful – sign me up! My mum took me out of ballet as a young child because she said I was heavy-footed (thanks mum!), maybe all I needed was a pair of these to give me a spring in my step?!

Women’s Due Mary Jane Leather Black


Okay, so they’re basically a ballerina pump with a strap, but don’t they look the cutest?! Minimal, pretty ballerina style base but with a wide stretchy cross-instep and built-in sneaker-like cushioning, I can only imagine how comfy these shoes are and they’re a classic too.

You can browse the full FitFlop new collection online here.

Disclosure:  I was given a pair of FitFlop Sling Sandals for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are honest and my own.

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