Richmond Mummy Fashion Week #2: The Matalan Movie Club

IMG_4886On Saturday, Allegra and I were very excited to attend the Matalan Movie Club at the fabulous Bulgari Hotel in Knightsbridge: what a glamourous way to spend an October Saturday morning!  Matalan had kindly invited a whole host of bloggers to gather together to eat popcorn, cookies, and other delicious treats, watch the Disney Pixar classic Finding Nemo in a rather comfortable and swish screening room, then have the chance to browse a collection of Matalan fashion.  Fun!

So we abandoned Richmond Daddy and baby Claudia for the morning and me and my big girl set off for a bit of mummy and Allegra time in super-stylish Knightsbridge.  Allegra was very excited to be travelling on the tube and was chattering away all through the journey and then when we arrived at our destination, she was even more excited to be presented with some fantastic movie snacks and she settled into her seat ready to watch the film.


… that’ll be the film that she’s seen at home a couple of times before… ah yes, but on the big screen, it took on a whole different look and feel I fear.  Yep, 30 seconds in and she was quaking with fear at the sight of the big scary fish that made short work of Nemo’s mummy and brothers and sisters (the latter in egg form… thankfully, she hadn’t recognised them as little baby Nemos otherwise I think we might have had a real meltdown!).  I managed to calm her down sufficiently but then Bruce the Shark made an appearance and it was game over… “I want to go home mummy, I want to go home, I’m a bit scared…” Oh dear.  Well, she is only 2.5 years old, I guess seeing a massive shark – albeit a cartoon one – on the big screen, beaming at you and salivating towards you in the front row… I can kind of see what the problem might have been.


Unfortunately then, not wanting to scar her for life, we had to take our leave from the lovely screening room and there was no persuading her to return and give the film another chance.  Nope.  Not a hope in hell.  So, we had to duck out of the event, pop around the corner to a well known retail emporium with a large toy department, lose ourselves for about an hour, and then return to the Bulgari to enjoy lunch (mini hamburgers and pizzas, asparagus wrapped in Parma Ham and other such yummy bites) and the chance to take a look at some Matalan fashion.


Honestly, I could not have been more surprised at how lovely the clothes were. Particularly the womenswear.  I immediately fell in love with this faux fur coat in grey, which is incredibly soft and cosy and looks so much more expensive than its £35 price tag. I would snap that up in an instant, it’s gorgeous and would be a real asset to your wardrobe when it comes to the party season, it’ll look fab over a little black party dress or paired with smart trousers and a silky top.  Huge thumbs up on this one, I would NEVER in a million years have thought it possible to pick up something this luxe and lovely at a Matalan store. How wrong I was!

My other top pick of the day is this long-line hybrid quilted biker jacket in black.  This is a super stylish coat, I was immediately drawn to it and had to try it on, and it is £40… £40?!?! I’m still in shock!  Again, it looks SO much more expensive than it is and the material felt such good quality and as for the style/design, LOVED it!


I did tear myself away from the womenswear long enough to have a browse of the kids collection.  Allegra and I immediately picked-up on this very cute rabbit print jumper – although getting my little one to pose with it was a bit of a challenge!


Putting Bruce the Shark to one side for a moment, we really did have a fun morning with Matalan and I came away honestly so pleasantly surprised at the quality of the clothes, the style and designs of the fashion on display, and with a completely different view of the brand than the one I went in with, it was a really positive eye-opener.  Oh and Allegra was super-happy to receive not only a Minnie Mouse flip-top flask, but ALSO a Disney Princesses one too.  One happy little lady going home on the tube that day!

You can find your nearest Matalan store online here or simply shop online.

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