Claudia at 35 weeks

35wksThe week has been dominated rather by teething unfortunately. Claudia still has just the two bottom front teeth, which are coming through nicely and giving her a cute, funny little grin, but there are obviously others that are working their way through, because we’ve had lots of dribbling and drooling and she’s not been in the greatest of moods poor thing.

I think the teething has affected her feeding too, she has never seemed to be a baby with a big appetite, but while teething it’s been particularly hard to persuade her to eat all that much. She still prefers fruit and veggie purées and yoghurt to most other things I’ve offered her, but we’ll just keep plugging away at it and eventually I’m sure she’ll decide that actually she likes chicken or fish or beef or… Actually, she does quite like a bit of sausage, particularly if stolen off her big sister’s plate!

Other than that, a pretty quiet week – the usual mix of dragging Claudia around a host of activities like watching Allegra’s ballet class (which actually she really enjoys!) and pre-school pick ups (she’s always a big hit with the other children when we go to pick up her big sister!), and of course our weekly Hartbeeps class, which Claudia LOVES and I really enjoy as time just the two of us.  She is so so so close to properly crawling now, it’s going to happen any day now I think, but for now she’s able to move herself around quite well with a bit of dragging and a bit of rolling, but she’ll be off and properly on the run before I know it without a doubt!

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