Whole Foods Market arrives in Richmond

It is here at last!!! The NEW Whole Foods Market has opened in Richmond and ooooooh it is a place of loveliness!  I can’t believe how excited I am at what is essentially a supermarket – albeit a VERY fabulous supermarket – but I was so so so excited to finally walk through the doors of this long-awaited new fixture in Richmond town centre and I’m delighted to report, it was worth the wait!


Opening day was yesterday, 8th October, and the store opened with fanfare.  The place was heaving with crowds, live music played outside, there were balloons and face-painters, and pumpkin decorators.  Really, it was fab!

Myself and a collection of lovely Richmond mum friends had the privilege of being shown around the store and we all collectively ooooh-ed and aaaaah-ed as we walked around, our eyes big with wonderment, and squealing with delight at how amazing everything looked and how lucky we were to have this new foodie emporium on our doorstep.  VERY lucky!

There’s a pizza bar, a juice bar, a Mexican food area, every sort of salad you can imagine, roasted chickens to go, amazing sweet treats, coffee and cakes, a fish counter with A-M-A-Zing selection, a butchers with juicy steaks and incredible homemade burgers and so much more.  An olive bar, fruit and veg piled high, a mix your own muesli station, a sushi bar, and place to go have a beer after work (or during, if you’re that way inclined, and if you are… good on you!) and, and, and… SO MUCH MORE!

Can you tell I LOVE this place already?! – I am going to have to pay a daily visit just for the good of my soul, it feels like such a happy place to spend time!  Here are some of my snaps taken from opening day:




a vegetable bouquet!

a vegetable bouquet!



IMG_4967 IMG_4972 IMG_4954

IMG_4969 IMG_4971 IMG_4970IMG_4968

Whole Foods Market, Richmond – 1-3 George Street, Richmond.

3 thoughts on “Whole Foods Market arrives in Richmond

  1. how about supporting the independent local stores rather than another big chain. And if I may say it looks good however majority tastes poor, very average food and completely over priced. Support your locals I say.

    • Thanks for your comment. I do support lots of local stores in Richmond and independent traders online, so don’t exclusively shop in big chain stores. Yes WFM can be pricey, I don’t shop there all the time, but when I do pop in I have found the food to be lovely and service particularly excellent. Doesn’t mean I won’t continue to shop with independent too though 🙂

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