Richmond Mummy Fashion Week #4: Shopping with Zalando

My wardrobe is in need of some serious sorting out.

I have pre first pregnancy clothes in there that are a bit dated or a bit small or a bit knackered.  I have post first pregnancy clothes in there are are more suited to the office than sitting on the playroom floor doing puzzles and playing princesses.  I have maternity wear, which while comfy, neither fits properly (just as well!) nor is flattering (well it wouldn’t be I guess!).  Then there’s the odd emergency purchase I’ve made since Claudia’s birth, some good, some not so much…

Ignoring the fact that I need to take a ruthless look at just what is lurking in there and get clearing-out, I have started to look forward to building a new wardrobe bit-by-bit of clothes that suit my life right now and clothes that fit and flatter!

How timely then that those lovely people over at Zalando offered me a voucher to go shopping on their site, where I treated myself to this little number:


It’s a rather delicious jumper dress from Supertrash, which I managed to pick up on Zalando for a mere £30 – reduced from £100! – and I love it!  Gorgeous chocolate brown, with sequin stripes, it has just the right amount of glamour and sparkle that means it could be happily worn out for low-key evening drinks, but not too much glitz means I can wear it during the daytime without feeling too razzle-dazzle’em.  I pair it with black leggings and knee-high boots and have been accessorising with rose-gold toned jewellery, usually stud earrings (keeping it simple as the dress does plenty of talking on its own!) and bangles to add some sparkle at the wrist.  Then hey presto, fab easy-to-wear outfit, done!

Zalando has a huge collection of women’s, men’s, and kids clothes to browse and shop online and offers free delivery and returns, no matter how much you’re spending with them, which I think is really excellent.  Plus, they stock some fantastic big name brands, so alongside Supertrash, there’s also hundreds of high-street, premium, and sports brands all there for the shopping.  Amazing.

If you get yourself over to the Zalando website now, there’s a mid-season sale on, so there’s plenty of opportunities to grab a bargain.  Seems like the ideal place to start building my post-pregnancy wardrobe, stand aside people… *starts limbering up*

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