Claudia at 36 weeks


I’m having to cast my mind back a bit to the beginning of the month, October 4th to the 10th, as once again I’m behind on my baby diaries!  I can never seem to keep up, I think that must be largely because Claudia is growing-up insanely fast and the weeks whizz by quicker than I can cope with sometimes!

So, week 36, it wasn’t altogether a brilliant week for the little boo unfortunately.  It was the week that she experienced her very first proper cold and cough and was genuinely under the weather poor thing.  It started out as a bout of teething but then before long her runny nose seemed to evolve into a properly snotty nose (which she did NOT like being wiped #understatement!) and lots of sneezing.  Then the coughing began, poor little thing, I absolutely hated seeing her poorly of course, but she did deal with it very well.

After a few days, I brought her to the GP just to get her checked over as I had concerns that she might develop a chest infection.  The GP’s verdict was that she did indeed have a chest infection but as she was doing a good job of fighting it off herself, she didn’t need to have any antibiotics, which I was pleased about, and thankfully after about a week, she was back to full health.

While she was poorly, Claudia was really off her food.  Totally not interested in solids, apart from a little bit of yoghurt, and while she was drinking her milk, she was rarely finishing her bottle, which I found worrying.  But the GP assured me that as long as she was drinking something, she wouldn’t get dehydrated, and any weight she’d lose while she was off her food, she’d soon put back on again when better, so I tried not to worry so much.

Nights were a little troublesome while she was unwell.  Coughing would wake her up and then she’d be very upset if she’d wake in the night and couldn’t get back to sleep easily.  We dusted off and cleaned up the Vicks Humidifier and had that going at full force while she was unwell and I think it REALLY helped her to sleep better, breathe better, and ultimately get better quicker – even if it did turn her bedroom into a bit of a steam-room!

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