Claudia at 37 weeks

37wksClaudia’s 37th week (11-17 October), marked the first time I was away from  her for any real length of time.  I had a much needed break with girlfriends in the Cotswolds and so left home Friday afternoon and didn’t get back until Sunday afternoon.  In the meantime, Claudia mastered crawling… yes, CRAWLING!!! Thanks baby, I’ve been watching you like a hawk for these past few weeks as you’ve been sooooo close to getting properly on the move and you chose the one weekend I’m away to get going.  Marvellous!  Oh and she also cracked clapping too…!  So yes, that’s crawling and clapping, all achieved when mummy was out of sight to witness it for the first time.  Annoying? – just a teensy-weensy bit…!

Anyway, aside from the fact it was a little bit annoying she did both of these things without me being here, it is great to see her now crawling and exploring around the place and the clapping is very very cute.  She has the biggest smile on her face when she’s clapping, like she’s just so pleased with herself!

Now she’s crawling, it’s a whole different ball-game of course.  There have been the inevitable tumbles and bumps to the head, poor thing, despite the fact that we have a large padded mat area for her to play on, she’s only ever interested in heading off to the wood floor to play and bop her head.  Typical!

Eating has really started to come on in leaps and bounds too, after being unwell the week before, she’s now really getting her appetite back and showing a lot more interest in solids than she has ever done before so I really need to get my act together and get cooking, I’ve been a bit too dependant on pouches these last few weeks as I’ve been a bit lazy on that front.  But now I can see some enthusiasm for food, I’m going to get out the Annabel Karmel book and get cracking!

We had her first proper baby play-date this week and Claudia seemed to really enjoy the opportunity to crawl about on the floor with a little friend (hello baby Felix!) and explore new toys.  I think she was probably marvelling at the fact that when she played with another baby in the room she didn’t have toys snatched out of her hands with quite the same speed and force that she sometimes does when her big sister is around!


One thought on “Claudia at 37 weeks

  1. Oh look at that cutie! Crawling is a whole other ball game! Now A is walking life is out of control! You are amazing keeping note of the weeks. I can’t believe A is now 1! Where has the time gone. Is it time for another baby yet for us! Hahah x

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