Brilliant bibs and pucker purées

Weaning, it’s a bit of a f**ker isn’t it? – life was so much simpler when baby just guzzled milk four times a day, but there comes a time when you have to embrace the solids and just deal with the fact that you and your home are destined to be coated in puréed parsnip and yoghurt.  The mess and the goo is something that doesn’t sit well with me, but I’m trying to suck it up, although I had to abandon baby-led weaning pretty early on, a girl has her limits.

Luckily for me, I have found a way to at least minimise the mess of mealtimes and with it the destruction of many a baby garment.  Allow me to introduce In The Pocket Baby – a company founded by a smart Swedish mum-of-three, Camilla, whose collection of products ranges from bibs to baby carriers, raincoats to shopping bags.


We were sent the In The Pocket Baby Bib with Sleeves to put to the test.  Seriously, I don’t know how I have survived this long with two children without having this bib in my life.  It is simply BRILLIANT.  And, it is SO SIMPLE.  Simple, but brilliant.  How someone hasn’t thought of this sooner (wish it had been me!), I’ll never know, but it is genius.

100% nylon, machine washable and made from a quick drying fabric, the bib is soft and comfortable for baby to wear, with velcro that fixes it around their wrists and around the neck.  Claudia (possibly like all babies?) hates wearing bibs as a general rule of thumb and don’t get me wrong, she doesn’t particularly enjoy putting this one on, but once it is on, she’s as happy as larry and I think that’s because she hardly notices it’s on, once it is.  I think because it is fabric rather than a rubbery wipe clean one, which we normally use, it is so much softer for her to wear around her neck and yet at the same time it does a fantastic job at stopping food from leaking down her chin/neck onto her clothes.  Same around the wrists/arms.  So she can essentially get as messy as she likes (and I will let her) and when we peel of the bib, her clothes are pristine underneath.  A-m-a-zing!

Plus, once you’ve wiped it clean, if you’re out and about, you can fold it in on itself in a matter of seconds and it folds right down into a pocket the size of your hand and you can shove it in your bag and off you go, mess free.

Yes… mess free… you see why I love it so much?!

My only gripe… now I’ve discovered it, it’s the only bib I want to use and at about £23 (incl. P&P from Sweden), it’s not the cheapest bib in the world.  But honestly, it is brilliant.  I think I will definitely have to get a second, just so I can have them on rotation!

While we’re on the subject of weaning, I thought I should also share this with you… the latest collection from Plum, who are launching a campaign to “Ban the Bland”.  They’ve launched 8 new recipes, each packed with super-nutritious ingredients, combining whole grains, fruit, and vegetables, and – in a first for baby food – Greek-style yoghurt.


We were sent the Courgette, banana, and amaranth pouch, from the new Wholegrain blends range, which is gluten-free and provides a great source of fibre.  It retails at 0.99p for a 100g pouch and is suitable for babies from 4 months+.  Claudia wolfed it down, it’s the most enthusiastic she’s ever been about courgette that’s for sure!  Great for on the go and perfect to have a stash in the cupboard for emergency back-up when you’re feeling a bit lazy or pushed for time to cook from scratch!

2 thoughts on “Brilliant bibs and pucker purées

    • It is amazing, seriously! Am planning on asking my Swedish mum friend to pick me up a couple more when she goes back to Sweden for xmas – I am bereft without it when it’s in the wash!!
      Oh to have more space when it comes to kids eh?! x

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