Claudia at 38 weeks

38wks18-24th October: Claudia at 38 weeks.

A week of…



a bit more crawling


Well, pulling up to standing, usually using your sister’s Fisher-Price piano (which you have now totally claimed as your own!) to pull yourself up on.  You seem desperate to stand and to take your first steps.

We went on a bear hunt in the woods and you enjoyed being in the great outdoors and you got a signed copy of We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by author Michael Rosen.

As usual, you accompanied mummy to Allegra’s ballet class and watched enthralled as the mini ballerinas practice their pliés and their good toes/naughty toes.  I just know you want to be able to join in… your time will come little one 🙂

We enjoyed some mummy and Claudia time at Hartbeeps on Tuesday and I just love watching how your face lights up at the songs and music, the puppets and the props.  You just love having the opportunity to play and to explore and I really cherish these moments just the two of us to have fun together.

You enjoyed a play-date with two of your little baby friends, Felix and Arthur.  All three of you played quite independently of the others but you did show elements of fascination with your little buddies – reaching out to touch their faces and mostly poke them in the eye (sorry!!).

Eating is coming along well now and you’re finally established on 3-meals a day.  You still have 4 bottles of milk at the moment too, so certainly aren’t going hungry! I suppose I should start reducing your milk now your solids intake has gone up, but there’s no rush – I’m kind of hoping that you’ll show me when you’re full up and we’ll figure it out together!

8 thoughts on “Claudia at 38 weeks

  1. She is such a beauty, and her and LL seem to be on par, we have just this week started pulling ourselves up and standing! Eek! x

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