Claudia at 39 weeks

39wks25-31 October:
Claudia at 39 weeks.

Baby’s first Halloween and here she is looking rather adorable if I do say so myself, in her witches/cat costume, courtesy of Asda.  Here we are pictured at a neighbour’s Halloween party, where Claudia was quite happy to party-on way past her bedtime, flirting with everyone and generally having a jolly old spooky time.  I don’t think she made it to bed until around 10pm but she was a little star and enjoyed all the festivities and having everyone make a fuss over her.  She wasn’t so keen on wearing the cat ears though, so this is a rare photo of her with them on her head (although note the hand that is primed ready to whip them off quick smart!).

This was also the week in which baby Claudia met a fellow “blog baby” – P2 of Life With Pink Princesses, at the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn event at The Baby Show.  The two of them had lots of fun exploring all the fab toys, chewing on lots of things and generally having fun.  It was lovely to see them together, two blog-famous babies, hanging out in person!


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