Claudia at 41 weeks

41 weeks8-14 November: Claudia at 41 weeks. I know I’ve said it time and time again, but seriously – the time is flying by WAY too fast!  41 weeks old already?! – what’s happened to my newborn?!  Claudia is certainly a newborn no more, she…

  • has two teeth, bottom middle
  • is crawling like a demon, keeping me chasing her around the house
  • is repeatedly pulling herself up into a standing position
  • is happiest when in the bath and splashing about in the bubbly water, chewing her bath-toys and sharing the tub with her big sister of an evening
  • is established on 3 meals a day and still merrily drinking the best part of 4 bottles of milk too, well done baby girl!
  • is a good little sleeper (please don’t let me have jinxed things by writing/saying this out loud!), regularly sleeping from 7pm until 6-7am the next morning, bravo!
  • LOVES her big sister and Allegra is the one person who is virtually guaranteed to make her laugh even if she’s mid nappy-changing related freak-out!
  • stands-up, in her sleeping bag, in her cot, clinging on to the sides, gurgling and giggling and swatting at her mobile (should I now remove this?!?) when she should really be going to sleep.  Thankfully, she eventually tires and does drop off!
  • prefers to sleep lying on her tummy or her side, her face buried into her snuggly-bunny toy: this freaks me out a bit, so I’m regularly check check checking on her to make sure she’s okay, but every time I turn her over, back she goes… so now I just check she’s safe and leave her to sleep how she prefers
  • hates nappy-changes 9 times out of 10, won’t stop rolling over mid change (not good when we’re in the midsts of a poo-bum!) and as for getting dressed/undressed… well, don’t get me started…!
  • is fascinated by the cat… he is less enamoured…
  • has now been out in the world the exact same length of time as she was inside of me #amazing

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