Claudia, I love…

IMG_5094I love the way, your little head, feels warm against my cheek,

The softness of your baby hair, growing week by week.

The way that your eyes sparkle, and light up your whole face,

Means stresses I am feeling disappear without a trace.

When you are sleepy in my arms, your heavy head you lean,

IMG_5483Upon my shoulder or my chest for comfort and, it seems,

That there is no place I’d rather be, than holding you right there,

Wishing I could bottle time and capture that very air,

For then I would be able, to always remember this, exactly how you feel and smell when I give that goodnight kiss.

I love the fact you have become a mummy’s girl for me,

IMG_5246The way you hold your hands up high ‘cos you prefer to be,

Held and tightly cuddled, though you will wriggle much,

It’s clear that you are happiest when you feeling our loving touch.

When I go into your room, see you standing in your cot, you give the very biggest smiles and babble excitedly, quite a lot!

It can not help but warm my heart and make me burst with pride,


And that is saying something, when some mornings it’s 05.55!

You are my special baby girl, my littlest little boo,

And never doubt, I’m here now and forever, always, for you.

love mummy xoxo

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