Claudia at 42 weeks


15th-21st November: Claudia at 42 weeks.

Well, after much drooling and dribbling, flushed cheeks and grouchiness, and of course the odd obligatory middle of the night yelp, this week your 3rd tooth arrived! Yes, finally another one to join the current party of two in your mouth 🙂 and this one is top centre, now visibly poking through, no doubt waiting for its next door neighbour to join him anytime now. I guess more dribbling, drooling, and grouchiness is on the horizon then! Teething is no fun, but you’ve been doing pretty well all in all, chewing on everything you can get your hands on has been one coping mechanism – but ouch, I won’t make the mistake of leaving my finger in your mouth a moment longer than I need to when rubbing in that teething gel… the teeth marks where on my index finger for at least an hour after that chomp!

You are OBSESSED with standing right now and absolutely loath lying down (nappy changes are NOT fun at the moment, nope, not fun at all). If you’re sitting or playing, it only takes a few minutes before you’ll have crawled over to something you feel you can use to pull yourself up – the sofa is usually your best bet – and in the last day, you actually started cruising along the sofa. Your mission to walk by Christmas seems to be becoming a more and more likely reality. Eek!

The downside to all the crawling and standing and leaning against (not always that steady) things, has been that unfortunately you have had the odd fall and face-plant, the odd bump and tumble. Nothing too awful, but it usually ends in a fair few tears and the need for lots of cuddles and kisses, which of course I am happy to give. It seems at the moment my sole life purpose is to chase and follow you around trying to prevent accidents happening, sadly I don’t prevent them all, but I guess you’ll learn from those little knocks and scrapes – I do hate it when you get into a pickle though, hate to see you so upset.

You’re doing great on food and really well established on your 3-meals-a-day. I’m trying to give you lots of variety and so far there doesn’t really seem to be anything that you really don’t like, you’ve been great at trying new things. It seems that after the first six weeks or so of not being all that interested in food, now you’re really in the swing of it, which makes me really happy to see 🙂

I finalised details with work this week about returning from maternity leave and so it’s confirmed that I’ll be back in the office in January. Obviously I have mixed feelings about it, but those aside I just can’t quite believe that this year will have gone so so fast and I’ll be back at my desk come the beginning of the year – it only seems like yesterday that I was welcoming our newborn baby girl into the world!

So your application form for nursery has been submitted, deposit paid, and you’ll be going to the same place that your big sister has been going for the past couple of years, which is great. Although you won’t be in the same room together, I’m glad you’ll be under the same roof. It won’t be full time though, which is also good, I’ll be back part-time and so you and your sister will be in nursery a little, with grandparents a little (very lucky!) and then with me/us a lot, which is great and will hopefully be a good balance for everybody.

A highlight of this week, apart from the toothy-peg’s arrival! was our trip to the theatre on Sunday to see the stage adaptation of Julia Donaldson’s Stick Man, which was such good fun and really enjoyable. Nobody seemed to enjoy it more than you Claudia, it seems you have become quite the theatre enthusiast these past 9-months!! You’ve seen Lullaby at The Polka Theatre, My First Cinderella Ballet at Richmond Theatre, In The Night Garden Live, Bear Hunt Live at the Lyric, Iolanthe at the Minack Theatre in Cornwall (I know, amazing!!), Peppa Pig Live at Croydon’s Fairfield Halls, and now Stick Man at Leicester Square Theatre: not bad for a 9 month old baby!

You sat on Daddy’s knee throughout the Stick Man production, gripping onto the seat in front, smiling from ear-to-ear, bouncing up and down on his lap and laughing along, clapping your hands to the songs, you LOVED every minute of it! And of course charmed the pants off the family sitting in front of us! Maybe a life in the theatre beckons for you Claudia… who knows?!

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