A diva in the making

“Mummy, can I have a sandwich please? – just with ham in it and please cut into squares” – the next day… “Mummy, can I have a ham sandwich please, this time I need it cut it into triangles thank you”.

“I’d like to wear a dress today mummy..” – I present two dresses for her to choose from – “noooooooooo aaaaaaagh not those mummy, not those dresses, I don’t want those, aaaagh” – falls on the floor fake crying/wailing…. Me (after giving up trying to persuade her into one of the aforementioned dresses): “ok, do you want to wear a skirt and top instead? how about your new swishy skirt?” – I present skirt, she says yes to skirt, I give her skirt, and then… “wait mummy, what’s this?!? this skirt has buttons on it!! I can’t wear it with buttons, I CAN’T WEAR THIS SKIRT WITH BUTTONS!!!! NO BUTTONS, NO BUTTONS MUMMY, NOOOOOO BUTTONS!!!!!” and then: “I want to wear the reindeer dress, please mummy please I want to wear the reindeer dress” – that’ll be one of the dresses she rejected three minutes previous then…!!

Me: “choose some pants from your drawer then and let’s get you dressed”.  Allegra: “I need my princess pants, where are they, where are my princess pants mummy?!” – rummage, rummage, rummage… – “they have to be the ones with just one princess on the front, not the ones with lots of princesses on the front, I can only wear the ones with one princess on the front”… if someone can possibly explain the logic behind this one, then I’d be keen to hear it…!

Me: “let’s get you some nice warm milk and read a story up in your bedroom”.  Allegra: “yes mummy, you get the milk for me and I’ll wait here for you, come on, off you go…” – *yes ma’am!*

On driving home from nursery one evening… Allegra:  “mummy, go that way to my house *pointing down one-way street* go that way, THAT WAY!!” – Me: “errr, no darling we can’t go that way, that’s a one-way street, mummy can’t drive down there or we might have a crash with another car or get told off by a policeman”.  Allegra *crying and wailing* – “but I want to go thaaaaaat waaaaaaay *sob sob sob*”.

Yes, it seems my 33 month old toddler girl is quite the drama-queen, either that or she’s morphing into Mariah Carey… scary thought… she’ll have me colour-sorting her M&Ms* next… help!


*note.  she has never actually had an M&M, but I’m sure if she did get the chance she’d have me sorting them into colours the cheeky monkey!

8 thoughts on “A diva in the making

  1. Elfie is exactly like this! “Oh Mummy I wish you would hurry up” “Mummy, don’t go that way, drive that way, waaaaahhhh!” “I NEED MY DENIM SHIRT NOOOOW”.

    Glad I’m not the only one living with a little dictator 😉

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