Just Me – #1 What Makes Me

Jodie over at Life With Pink Princesses has started a new blog hop today that is all about focusing on YOU rather than the kids, the OH, the house, the home, the tantrums, the trials and tribulations.  I think it’s a great idea – after all, any one who knows me knows I have no trouble in talking about myself!  The theme today is “What Makes Me” – here’s my entry:


I’m Bianca.  Thirty-eight years old, still not quite feeling like a proper grown up, and a mum of two gorgeous girls who are more or less my whole world.  Being on maternity leave right now feels like I have almost “parked” a bit of me around the corner, while I focus on all the things I need to do to be there 100% for my girls, my family, and to keep things running at home.  Sometimes I do just crave the head-space to just “be me”, even for just a few minutes, to be the person I sort of remember I am aside from all the responsibilities and expectations.  So, this seemed like a good opportunity to reflect on “what makes me me”…


  1. Karaoke – I’m a bit obsessed.  I LOVE karaoke, but it has to be done properly i.e. not a mass sing-a-long to Abba, I want people taking their turns to do solos, ok and some duets, basically I want a bit of a stage and an audience… what?! – show-off, moi?! okay, maybe a bit…
  2. Neatness – a tidy house is a happy house in my world.  This is a daily struggle for me given that I have two children under 3 and a husband who thinks the space under the sofa is a storage unit for his extensive shoe collection… But when I have the place über tidy, even if it’s just for a brief hour or so in the evening when everyone’s in bed, I look around and it makes me feel at peace with myself.
  3. Scented candles – but proper ones, not synthetically smelling ones.  My special favourite ones are from a French brand called Memo.
  4. Writing – I love to write, I love language and words and finding ways to write creatively and capture memories and special moments with the right writing.  I love to write things that I hope people will read and enjoy, but mostly I write for me, it feels good for my soul.
  5. Laughing – laughter is truly the best medicine.  Time spent with family and friends, chatting and gossiping and catching up and (preferably) drinking wine, putting the world to rights, and laughing laughing laughing until you snort and wine comes out of your nose (sometimes, come on it’s happened to all of us… no?!).  Love it!

5 Dislikes:

  1. Laundry – fecking laundry, it’s never ending isn’t it, always there and ready to overflow from the basket (maybe I should just get a massive basket…), calling you to get a hold of it when all you want to be is off enjoying yourself but then you realise that all you have to wear is your slightly crusty dressing gown and you figure you can ignore it no longer.
  2. Slowness – people pootling along the streets at a snail’s pace, slow service in a shop or restaurant, slow moving traffic, slow slow slow aaaaagh!! drives me nuts.  Fast paced please, chop chop, can’t be doing with slowness (unless we’re talking on holiday slowness, then that’s fine, I’m not a complete loon).
  3. Spiders – uuuuugh shudder, with their spindly legs and their scuttling… they can just do one.
  4. Alfresco dining – okay, let me explain… it’s not that I don’t like the IDEA of eating outside on a summer day, sunglasses on and sipping rosé and all that jazz.  BUT the reality, more often than not, is a picnic in the sweltering sunshine trying to eat whilst under siege from wasps and other irritating bugs and flying things.  I dislike all that swatting and sweating.  Much prefer indoors, air-con, and maybe just a great view of the great outdoors.
  5. Harry Potter – yes, there you go, I’ve said it.  Okay admittedly I only read the first one, but really… couldn’t get it, don’t get it, not interested in getting it.  Not for me.

This post is part of the “Just Me” blog hop running every Tuesday.


Just Me - Life With Pink Princesses

2 thoughts on “Just Me – #1 What Makes Me

  1. What a lovely idea for a blog hop, and lovely to find out more about you! I hate wasps so al fresco dining isn’t too fun for me either! x

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