The Lullaby Trust & The Big Give

logoBIn an average week in the UK, five families are devastated by the sudden and unexpected death of an apparently healthy baby.

Yes, you read that right.

FIVE babies a week are dying, from SIDS, in the UK.

Five babies.

From unexplained causes.

The families are given no rhyme or reason.

No cause of death.

It is sudden.

And unexpected.

They are happy healthy babies one minute.

Then they die.


Cruelly taken.

A life full of promise, cut short.

A family full of love, ripped apart.

Changing things forever.

Never forgotten, but missing always from the family who loved them.

Who will always love them.

And always miss them.

No matter how many days or weeks or months or years may pass.

Missed and ached for, every day.

The cruelest loss.

Today saw the start of The Big Give.

Today, tomorrow and Saturday you can donate to any of the 387 charities taking part in The Big Give’s Christmas Challenge and whatever you donate will be doubled.

Matching funds are limited and likely to run out very quickly on each day as they are released, so if you want to make the most of this fantastic donating opportunity, to support a chosen charity, then you need to be speedy!

I would like to ask that you consider donating to The Lullaby Trust, who are hoping to raise £60,000 to support bereaved families affected by SIDS.

Families like those of beautiful Matilda Mae, who was cruelly taken from this world 10 months ago, with no explanation, no cause of death, no reason.

A happy, healthy, beautiful and much loved baby girl.



The question that can’t be answered?


Another question that can’t be answered?


Total devastation.  Heart-splitting pain.

Longing to turn back the clock.

To wake up one day and realise it was all a terrible, terrible nightmare.

But realising each morning that the nightmare is real.

That she is gone.

But why?!

How can it be?

There are so many deserving charities out there, but on this occasion I am asking that you seriously consider donating whatever you can to The Lullaby Trust and you can donate here.


Sorry for shouting, but I just wanted to make that clear!

You might just save a life.

Tragically, it is too late for Matilda Mae – the beautiful baby whose story has touched so many, including those like me who never met her but who think of her every day because of the work her very special mummy Jennie has been doing to fundraise and to keep her memory alive and to honour her in everything she and her family do.

But if you can donate, your money will do good:

£5 could provide a Bereavement Support pack which helps newly bereaved parents through this difficult time by providing information on support, the experiences of other parents bereaved by sudden infant death and practical information too.

£14 could provide one hour of helpline support from trained bereavement advisers. The helpline is free to all who contact in need of support.

£25 could fund the support of a trained Befriender for a family – vital listening support from someone who is also bereaved.

£50 could enable a family of 4 to attend one of our Family Days Out, helping them meet other bereaved families face-to-face.

£110 could train A&E staff on how best to support families when a baby dies.

£550 could train bereaved parents who wish to support other families as befrienders in the future.

£1,500 could cover the entire cost of one regional Family Day Out, helping bereaved families meet in a friendly and informal environment to share experiences and gain strength from each other.

£5,000 could cover the cost of trained advisers on the free Helpline for 2 months, providing a lifeline for bereaved families.

Donate here and help put an end to this nightmare happening to another baby, another family.


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