Claudia at 43 weeks

43wks22nd-28th November: Claudia at 43 weeks.

Hurtling towards the 10 month mark, Claudia has really upped her game this week in her ongoing mission to be fully mobile by the time she’s one!  Not content with crawling like a demon, pulling herself up to a standing position (like ALL THE TIME!), and tentatively cruising along the sofa, this week… this week… she climbed the stairs!  Yes, slowly (actually not even that slowly!) but surely, methodically and with the grit and determination of Bear Grylls conquering Kilimanjaro, she climbed her way up our full flight of stairs and when she reached the top, she sat on her bottom and gave herself a big clap!

A well deserved clap!  Bravo baby C!

Climbing the stairs is great and all that, but it means two things:
1.  we’re going to have to re-install a stair-gate at the bottom of the stairs, sigh – was enjoying not having that to navigate my way through that with a pile of laundry I can’t see over on a daily basis.

2.  it means my baby is increasingly not a baby anymore… sad face…

*heads off to find and re-fit downstairs stair-gate before an inevitable tumble occurs*

2 thoughts on “Claudia at 43 weeks

    • I flipping hate stair-gates, but today she took a bit of a tumble down the bottom 3 stairs (thankfully onto some padded mats), so I think it is time to give in and fit the gate… argh!

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