Claudia at 44 weeks

4429th Nov-5th Dec: Claudia at 44 weeks.

Bit of a blurry photo, apologies for that, but I just love this picture of my little Santa’s helper in a rare moment where she had her festive hat on (preferring instead to yank it off her head at every opportunity!).

Yes, we’ve been getting ready for baby’s first Christmas and our festive season began with a big family trip to Centre Parcs Winter Wonderland for a long weekend with lots of my family, where we enjoyed some time-out (well, sort of…) and had lots of fun making the most of all the activities.

Claudia met Father Christmas for the very first time and she didn’t cry!!! This is a major achievement in my book, Allegra is NOT a fan of the man in red shall we say, so I wasn’t sure how her baby sister would cope with the experience, but she took it all in her stride and even sat on his lap for a photo!

We also went to the Cinderella panto that was being put on at Centre Parcs.  Allegra of course loved it, she was dressed up as Cinderella and positioned herself in the front-centre of the audience and there she remained, transfixed through-out.  Claudia had a whale of a time, jumping up and down on my mum’s lap for most of the performance, giggling and clapping and grinning from ear to ear.  I think a career on the stage beckons for this one, she just LOVES the theatre!

Baby Claudia also had lots of fun exploring the Subtropical Swimming Paradise and kitted out in her little lifejacket, she had a brilliant time crawling about in the warm shallow water of the baby/toddler pools and splashing about, getting sprayed by the water jets, and watching her big sister whooshing down the water slides!  She is such a water baby, it was lovely to be able to take her for a swim and paddle.

She was such a good girl on holiday, she adjusted no problem to sleeping in a different cot and sharing a room with her big sister (who didn’t make things easy by protesting loudly about going to bed every night and sometimes turning the full light on in the room when Claudia was asleep!).  One night we went out for a big family meal and Claudia was a little star, happily exploring the soft play area and then sitting up at the table with us all until about 9pm before getting weary and going to sleep in her buggy.  What a sociable little boo 🙂

So now we’re heading full tilt towards Christmas (aaaaagh, am going to have to start panic buying!!), it was fun but a bit sad to go to our last Hartbeeps class this week, which had a festive theme and saw all the babies getting dressed up in their Santa hats and reindeer ears.  Claudia has really loved going to her weekly Hartbeeps class and it has been a really special weekly thing for us to enjoy together, I’m sad that we won’t be able to do that together any more – because I’m back to work in January and the classes clash with the days I’ll be in the office – but as I’m working part-time, I’ll still be able to enjoy some special mummy and Claudia time each week thankfully.


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