Review: Minnie Mouse Bowtique Cheerin’ Minnie & Polka Dot Jet

It’s that most wonderful time of the year isn’t it? – I am already full on into the festive spirit, I think our recent trip to Elveden Centre Parcs’ Winter Wonderland got me in the mood for all things Christmassy and now all I can think about is mince pies and frosty snowflakes! Now if only I could get my act together on the present shopping and card wrapping front (yes, minor things…) I’d be all sorted for the big day come the 25th!

So it occurred to me lovely readers that you would also be doing your shopping right about now – apart from you lot sitting smugly at the front, brushing off your shoulders and congratulating yourselves at being all done since the January sales.  Well, you lot can jog-on… For the rest of us, who prefer to shop (in slight panic mode!) from the 1st December onwards, here’s some lovely gift ideas for those looking for inspiration for Minnie Mouse loving girls, aged 2 and over!

Introducing the Fisher-Price Minnie Mouse Bowtique Cheerin’ Minnie:



When this little lady arrived in the Richmond household, my big girl (who’ll be 3 years next Feb), smiled from ear to ear: “open it open it open it mummy!!!!” and then when I did… “WOW!”.  You could say she was rather happy with her new polka-dot loving friend!

Cheerin’ Minnie, dressed in her polka-dot cheerleader dress complete with pom-poms, cheers and sings and dances to 12 different phrases/songs, my favourite of which is “oh Mickey you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind hey Mickey!”… aaah, takes me back!


Allegra has had lots of fun making Minnie dance and sing and she enjoys boogieing along with her pal.  Claudia has also found her fascinating!  I think the fact that Minnie is about as big as her when she’s sitting/Minnie’s standing in-front of her helps, maybe she thinks she’s a real-live dancing cheer-leading mouse!

We’ve had the Cheerin’ Minnie for a little while now and while both girls are happy to play with her when I put her in front of them, I think the novelty has worn off a bit now as I guess how they can play with her is a bit limited.  So they press the button on her shoe and dancing along with her and shake their pretend pom-poms, before then wandering off to play with something else.  But saying that, she is fun and cheery and certainly attracts attention when we have other littles visit 🙂



We’ve also been having lots of fun playing with the Fisher-Price Minnie Mouse Bowtique Polka Dot Jet, which comes with 10 play pieces including Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck figures.

IMG_4809 IMG_4810


This has been a big hit with Allegra.  She’s had lots of fun playing “going on holiday” with Minnie and Daisy, pretending to pack their suitcases (each figure comes with its own stylish wheelie case!) and walking them up the stairs of their private jet (living the dream!) to take their seats and fly off on their holiday.  She likes putting Minnie in the pilot’s seat and pretending to fly the plane up into the sky, we talk about where they might be off to on their holiday (usually it’s France or Italy or Cornwall… the places we’ve been with her essentially!) and then they land and she takes them out, plodding them down the stairs, and then the whole thing begins again!


Allegra’s collection of plastic princess figures have also joined in the fun and she likes to see how many of them she can also cram into the jet for Minnie to fly off to a sunshiny destination!

IMG_4834 IMG_4835


This has been a great fun addition to our toy collection, because the creative play opportunities are plentiful and it’s been a lovely way to start to talk a bit about travel and holidays as well.  It’s also a very neat little set that doesn’t take up too much space, which I appreciate a lot seeing as how the house feels a bit like it’s closing in on us at the moment with all the stuff (mostly kids stuff!) crammed in!

Of these two Minnie Mouse toys, I think our favourite is the jet, purely because of the more varied play potential, although the Cheerin’ Minnie is lots of fun, particularly for a little girl who loves to dance (does anyone else’s toddler insist on staying up on a Saturday night to watch Strictly?!).

Minnie Mouse Bowtique Cheerin’ Minnie has a RRP of £50 and is available from Argos, Smyths, Toys R Us, Amazon, the Disney Store & Tesco.

Minnie Mouse Bowtique Polka Dot Jet is priced at approximately £30 and is available from retailers including Argos, Toys R Us, and Smyths.

Disclaimer: we were sent the two Minnie Mouse toys by Fisher-Price free of charge for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are honest and our own.



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