A film has the power to bring sensitive issues to the fore.

To get people talking, empathising, confronting the sometimes uncomfortable.

When it’s done right, a great film has the ability to deepen our understanding of the human experience. It can throw us into the midst of other peoples stories and leave us feeling like we have lived those stories ourselves.

Great films burrow their way into your soul. They can change your mood, you mind. They can tell stories in a way that almost no other medium can.

I want to tell you about a short-film project that needs YOU to help make it progress beyond pre-production and onto the big screen.

TAKETH is the story of five characters dealing with a personal episode told in their own words that takes you on their emotional journey. Based on true events, it shows how that journey is experienced by different generations and the difficulties they face trying to communicate honestly with each other.

The five characters’ stories are all centred on talking about a premature birth and subsequent severe postnatal depression.

More than 50,000 babies are born prematurely each year in the UK and many suffer lifelong consequences as a result. This is one of the highest rates in Europe and it’s still rising. So there’s never been a better time to bring this issue to light.

Postnatal Depression is a depressive illness which affects between 10 to 15 in every 100 women having a baby.

That’s why the creative team behind the Taketh project – writer Isley Lynn and director Jonny Kight – want to make this film happen.

But they need our help.

They have launched a Kickstarter Campaign with the goal of raising £10,000 to fund the project. The funds are needed to edit the film, provide music, and other post-production costs, as well as create a buzz around the film on its release.

If the story of a premature birth and/or postnatal depression resonates with you, for whatever reason, or you simply agree that there is great merit in a film that throws a light on these subjects, then it would be wonderful if you could pledge some money, between now and 5th January 2014. Every penny (well, actually it’s £1 minimum please :-)) counts, so whatever you can afford would be amazing, whether it’s £1 or a whole lot more.

It would be HUGELY appreciated.

To find out more and pledge, go here.

To support the project and keep up to date on developments you can follow on Facebook.

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