Review: Seatwave Ticket Booking Service

We are very excited in the Richmond household at the moment.  Yes, excited about Christmas of course – although more panicked than excited at the moment as I have yet to buy about 95% of presents required (eek!) – but no, I’m not talking about that.

We are very excited because those lovely people over at Seatwave Ticket Booking Service have gifted us with tickets to go see Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream just after Christmas.  As the parents of a Disney Princess OBSESSED daughter, this is very very very EXCITING!  So exciting in fact that we haven’t even told her yet, or else we’ll face the same question every day from now until 30th December: “mummy, are we’re going to see Disney on Ice now… or later?” – a hopeful tone and big puppy dog eyes looking up at me, willing it to be true.

But seriously… 30th December… I CAN’T WAIT!!


Seatwave is an online marketplace that gets ticket sellers and buyers together in an easy, safe and mutually beneficial way.  Tickets can be purchased online from Seatwave and are sent out in good time so that you don’t have to worry last minute whether they will arrive.  Better still they keep you informed of when tickets are posted and when they will arrive.  If a seller does not deliver tickets as promised then Seatwave will charge them for  replacements so the buyer is never left out of pocket.  Tickets are all covered by Ticketcover, so in the event of a show, concert, theatre production or sporting event etc. being cancelled you get a full refund.

Take a look at their website, they honestly have tickets for just about any live event you can possibly think of and more.  You can scoop last minute tickets for events happening tonight or tomorrow, right through to theatre tickets, concerts, sporting events and festivals well into 2014.  I may have to start compiling a wish-list!

We’re putting Seatwave’s Ticket Collect service to the test when we go to the O2 to see Disney on Ice.  So we’ll be picking up our tickets on the day from the box office, which means there’s no scary searching in my bag moment panicking that I’ve left them on the dining room table!

It is going to be magical, to see her little face light up when she sees all her favourite princesses there, right in front of her.  Not just that… she is a big dance fan too, so if there are princesses, dancing, on ice… it’s going to blow her mind!

Thank-you thank-you thank-you lovely lovely Seatwave people, you are going to make all an almost 3 year old’s Christmases come at once!

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