Claudia at 45 weeks

45wks6th-12th December: Claudia at 45 weeks.

Not an especially eventful week, apart from celebrating Nonno’s birthday with a rather lovely afternoon tea and the usual fun of play-dates and routine stuff, but nothing particularly major to note.  So, I thought I’d take this opportunity to log Claudia’s top likes and dislikes aged 10.5 months and counting!

Claudia likes…


Jumping on the bed with her big sister (with assistance from mummy!)

Food! Especially breadsticks with hummus and pretty much all purées presented to her!

… and milk!

Bath-time and/or just being in water!

Story-time and having books read to her

Snoozing with her lavender-filled Cloud B sheep and snuggling with a bunny comforter

… and sleeping on her tummy

Playing with a tea-set, includes banging plastic saucers together and chewing cups!

Trying to peel posters off the play-room walls

Crawling at high-speed!

Crawling up the stairs

Standing at every opportunity!

Being bounced up and down and lifted high into the air

Playing peek-a-boo

Remote controls (!!)

Chewing shoes! (this is clearly a like I do not permit or encourage!)

Playing with her big sister in the play-room… or essentially just following her about!


Claudia dislikes…

Nappy changes

Lying down on her back

Having her clothes taken off

… or put on!

Having her face wiped with a baby-wipe… although usually fairly happy with a flannel!

Being strapped into the high-chair… unless distracted with a breadstick!

Being plonked in the Jumperoo!  Sadly it’s time to say goodbye to the Jumperoo

Being dragged away from the stairs

Being dragged away from the Christmas tree

Being dragged away from the radiator by the Christmas tree, which she’s obsessed with!

Being dragged away from shoes that she feels compelled to try and chew!


I can hardly believe that in a mere 7 weeks, my baby girl will be turning one year old!  Where has the time gone?! It’s amazing what a fully-fledged little human she’s becoming, with her own little personality and likes and (firm!) dislikes!

My littlest boo, my precious baby girl xoxo

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