Claudia at 46 weeks


13-19th December: Claudia at 46 weeks.

As the weeks whizz by I am constantly amazed at how fast Claudia is changing and developing and establishing herself as her own little person in our family. She really is a dream baby and we’re so lucky to have struck gold again!

Nappy changes aren’t fun – she wriggles and cries, crawls off at every opportunity, and generally creates as much of a fuss as she can muster! But other than that, you rarely hearher cry and so long as she’s fed and has her naps at the right ish times, and cuddles on demand then she’s a happy little being who’s enjoying getting into EVERYTHING and ANYTHING she can (especially the things she shouldn’t!) and who is irresistibly kissable and squeezable!

This week we took a trip into London for a girls’ lunch with a friend and my cousin Jo (hello Walshy! *waves*) and Claudia loved sitting at the table with us, eating lunch and people watching. She was a little star! Afterwards we popped into Daddy’s office for a visit and Claudia won an army of new fans with her cute smiling and giggling and waving antics!

We then went on a very special mission to Harrods to pick out a teddy for Claudia’s firstChristmas present from mummy and daddy. We did the same thing for Allegra when it was her first Christmas, so it felt like a good tradition to maintain. Almost as soon as we got there, the right bear jumped out at us and when we showed him to Claudia and she grabbed him with both hands and beamed from ear to ear we knew he was THE ONE!

So now Claudia is the proud owner of a Steiff Lotte snowy white bear called Bobby. Adorable!

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