Claudia at 47 weeks

20131227-173215.jpg 20-26th December: Claudia at 47 weeks.

Well, a very busy week of goings on this week, starting with a rather lovely albeit chilly evening spent at Kew Gardens last Friday walking the illuminated trail. We wrapped up warm, Claudia snug as a bug in her buggy, and we oohed and aaahed at the lights and pretty installations that we walked through/by in an otherwise pitch black Kew. Claudia fell asleep part way through the evening but got to enjoy looking at some of the lights before she dropped off. It was a lovely way to ramp up the Christmassy feeling ahead of the big day.

The next day we took a trip to Granny and Grandad’s for the annual Cox family Christmas party. 16 adults and 7 children meant it was a pretty full house! Claudia enjoyed being in the thick of it and getting to know her cousins, you could see she was itching to get involved in all their games – it won’t be long before she does! We all had a lovely day and it was great to catch up with everyone.

On Monday, despite the stormy winds and rain, I took the girls up to London’s Criterion Theatre to see Peppa Pig Live. It was a bit of a mission getting there and back, with the two of them on my own, but we had fun and both of them enjoyed the show. We went with a very dear friend and her two girls and it was lovely to see them in the run up to Christmas. Claudia loved all the music and singing and watched with a big smile on her face, clapping away!

Christmas Eve was thankfully quite a chilled day, Allegra went to pre school for a few hours in the morning and me and Richmond Daddy took ourselves off to a local gastro pub with baby C for a nice Christmas Eve lunch. Yum!

We all went to Christmas Eve children’s vigil mass, Claudia entertained the people in the pew behind us with her smiling and waving, and a few people even felt compelled to tell me how cute and adorable she is (*puffs out chest with pride!*)!

Later that evening of course we had to prepare for Father Christmas coming and so there was the obligatory leaving out of mince pies, ginger biscuits, a carrot and milk and a warming glass of port.

Christmas Day we were treated to a lie-in until 7.30am before the excitement of present opening began! Too much to report on Christmas Day fun so I shall write a separate post, but suffice to say it was a very lovely baby’s first Christmas and Claudia was showered with presents and much love from all of us. A lovely family day, spent with my family at mum and dad’s house, being thoroughly spoilt!

Boxing Day was Christmas part two as we decamped to Granny and Grandad’s house to spend the day with them and Richmond Daddy’s sister aka Aunty Susan. Much much more present giving/opening and over indulging was once again the order of the day and we all enthusiastically got stuck in!

What a week!

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