Taking time out

Sometimes, you just need a little time out. Sometimes, a little personal space goes a long way. As does a bit of silence. For silence is golden… as are those times when you don’t have to spend every waking moment saying “sit on the potty”, “stop jumping on the sofa” and “would you PLEASE leave your nose alone!”

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my girls to the moon and back. But sometimes, sometimes, you just need a little time out.

Post Christmas, Richmond Daddy and I have indulged in some total luxury time out at the heavenly Babington House in Somerset. It is one of our most favourite places in the world. We were treated to a stay here by Richmond Daddy’s parents (thank you thank you thank you!), who also took care of our two little monkeys while we had some much needed R&R.

We arrived yesterday lunchtime and headed straight for the Cowshed Spa, where we enjoyed a 60 minute couples massage (yes, I fell asleep, and snored… a bit…) – a gift from
RD’s sister, thank you Susan! – followed by a soak in a hot-tub with a view of the beautiful walled garden.


Fully relaxed and feeling zen, we then partook in a little afternoon tea. Delicious.

IMG_6029We then checked into our room and get this, we’d been upgraded to a Walled Garden Room. Amazing!

Quick change into swimwear then it was off to the Cowshed Active to have a swim, and sweat it out in sauna and steam room sessions. Am hoping some of those Christmas-related toxins may have been lost in the process. Sadly some of them will have already been replaced thanks to our stay at Babington… well, were on holiday!


Back to our fabulous room – can you really just call it a “room” when it has a mezzanine level?! – to change for the evening and then off we went to the on site cinema, to enjoy the film Gravity in 3D, complete with funny glasses on face and ice cold beer in hand. Just how I like to enjoy the movies.

A late dinner in The Orangery restaurant and after a crab and avocado on toast starter, followed by pork with sweet potato and kale main, I was officially “done”, so it was back to our pad to fall into bed and enjoy a full night’s uninterrupted sleep on the most amazing pillows ever. Not only that, but…. a lie in until 9am!!!

We could have stayed in bed even longer, but the Spa was beckoning again and I had to drag myself out of my lair to enjoy my Cowshed Ultimate Pedicure treatment: which lasted a full 75 minutes! My feet are now a thing of beauty.

Sadly time to check out around noon, but we’re still able to stay and enjoy the facilities, so after a “one-last-blow-out” lunch of Cheeseburger & Chips (Chicken Cesar Salad for RD – he thinks he might be having a post Christmas heart-attack so decided to play it safe), we then holed up in the Study, by a roaring fire, pedicured-feet perched on a rather attractive pouf. Me taking some time to blog, him newspaper reading. Enjoying the final moments of our time-out.

One of my new year’s resolutions for 2014 must be: make more time for time out. It’s one I intend to stick to. After a little time-out I couldn’t wait to see my two little beauties again, but as a calmer, more relaxed, more groomed mummy!

Time out is good for the spirit. It’s good for the soul.


6 thoughts on “Taking time out

  1. Sounds wonderful, definitely somewhere I need to investigate! I went to the sales today, by myself and it was utter bliss not to have to visit every toilet known to mankind and not have to share my slice of ginger cake! Simple pleasures but I’m a nicer me for it. Time out for grown ups? Hell yeah!

  2. That sounds like perfection! Taking time out is so important when you’ve got littlies.
    Popping over as Sarah from Grenglish recommended your blog to me this weekend 🙂

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