9 reasons why my blog has been neglected of late

Hello, *waves*, and a belated Happy New Year to you and yours.  Hope 2014 is working out swimmingly for you so far, mine’s pootling along quite nicely, thank you for asking.  The blog has taken a bit of a backseat though it has to be said, but finally I’ve gotten my ass into gear and sat down to write something and given that it has been a full 29 days since my last post (gasp!), I feel I owe you a bit of an explanation.

So here is my confession, the 9 reasons why my blog has been neglected of late:

  1. The post Christmas/pre new year lull drained the lifeblood out of me and I haven’t had the motivation to do much more than catch up on sleep!
  2. Claudia has been crawling and climbing like a demon, so I’ve spent an awful lot of time chasing her around the house and generally wrestling her, meaning that by the evenings I’m too knackered to do much more than…
  3. … be deliciously sucked in to watching back-to-back episodes of Grey’s Anatomy series 9 – we’re on the box set, man I LOVE that programme #RIPMarkSloane 😦
  4. I went back to work!  Yes, *news-flash*… back at work, since 6 Jan, more on that to follow another time, but suffice as to say, my time is really not my own at the moment and when I’m not working or mothering, then sleep is my main priority
  5. I’ve become a “get everything ready the night before” person.  This is in no small way linked to reason #4: nursery bags packed x2, my work bag packed, clothes for the girls laid out for the morning, ditto my own clothes… all this planning ahead eats into an evening!
  6. I sort of lost my blogging mojo… was feeling a bit half-arsed about it all… a bit blogging-weary, and then the longer the dry patch went on, the longer it went on, if you see what I mean.  Am hoping this post, the fact that I have finally sat down to write something, means I’m finally back up and running again.
  7. Sherlock was back on TV
  8. When I was on mat leave last year, Allegra went to pre-school for two days a week and on those days I just had Claudia at home, who sleeps for a couple of hours every afternoon.  Now I work three days a week, am home 2 weekdays a week, with both girls, and then it’s the chaos of the weekend… making it more than a little tricky to find a time and place for blogging… might have to start blogging on the move during my morning/evening commute…. (warning: the quality of my writing may well deteritoriate!
  9. I unexpectedly got a onesie for Christmas.  I have embraced this onesie a bit too whole-heartedly.  Now once the kids are in bed, the temptation to cosy up in the onesie is oh so strong and before I know it, I’m a fleecy-hooded-snorer on the couch and it’s only 8.45pm… I know, sexy right?!

Ok, so I have broken the drought.  Got back in the saddle.  Re-entered the arena.  And other such euphemisms for given myself a shake and a talking to, and here I am, in 2014, back in blog.

Good to see you again.

11 thoughts on “9 reasons why my blog has been neglected of late

  1. Great to see you back as Sarah from Grenglish talks about you a lot so I look forward to reading more of your blog posts. I’m with you on so much of the above – how can Mark Sloane be dead?! Devastated. And onesies are dangerously comfortable. Good luck with motherhood/work/blogging etc.

  2. Yay! Really missed you chica but realised returning to work (and wow getting a onesie-so with you there) might have contributed to your absence. Blog whenever, however little you can but you write like a dream, we all love you and we’re always here, anxious to read your fab blogx

  3. I know exactly how you feel, my blogging mojo is a bit meh at the moment! And the posts I do write are so one track minded at the moment that I’m starting to bore myself haha! Glad to have you back 🙂 x

  4. Wow! Big changes for you. Sounds like you’re totally licking them into shape though, so good for you! That usually warrants a bit of a blog break for me too…(she says, wondering when her own 2014 mojo is going to kick in…) – usually my changes are things like term-time versus school holiday-time or something equally banal! Ha! No excuse at all really. I am sure, if you need to write, right now, that you will manage to find a space to blog in all that n routine somewhere and if not, though we’ll miss you, maybe it just isn’t that important right now for you. Which is totally fine. That’s the great thing about a blog. It’s yours to write on at will. Or not. So many of us forget that so much of the time. Good luck with everything.

    • Thank you 🙂 you’re so right – sometimes it’s easy to forget I’m meant to be blogging as a fun hobby not as another chore! Felt good to have a break, feels good to be back though too! x

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