Claudia at 48 weeks

48wks27th December – 2nd January: Claudia at 48 weeks.

A week where baby Claudia enjoyed a trip to the O2 to see Disney on Ice – she managed to love it, enjoy it, giggle and clap at the music, and then fall asleep in Daddy’s arms for a fairly large chunk of it!

The most momentous thing this week brought us, was Claudia’s first settling in session at nursery!  Yes, with me going back to work, part-time, my baby girl is going to be spending a few sessions a week at nursery (sob!) and we had the first of her sessions at the end of this week.  I was there for the whole session, I sat and watched her play and explore for the first 20 minutes, then took myself off to the corner of the room and observed from afar.  Well, she was amazing!  She played, she explored, she smiled at everyone, she sat with the other babies and ate her snack (and tried to steal some of the other’s snacks… arguably not the best way to make friends on your first day!) and then when it was time to go, she waved goodbye and off we went.  No tears, no issues, no dramas.  AMAZING!  What a star!  And then by the time we’d walked to the end of the road to head home, she was zzzzzzzzz……


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