Claudia at 49 weeks

49wks3 – 9 January 2014: Claudia at 49 weeks.

Another two settling-in sessions at nursery this week.  The first with me again, I stayed for the first hour and then left baby C at the nursery for the last half-hour.  She didn’t look for me once, happily played, enjoyed some cuddles with her key-worker, gobbled up all her snack (and some of the others’ snacks too… ahem… despite her diminutive size, she loves her food!) and then gave me a big smile when I went back to collect her!  The next settling in session she went with Daddy.  He stayed for the first half-hour and then left her for a full hour.  Again, absolutely fine, no dramas and no tears, happy as a piglet in mud! Amazing!  So, she was officially accepted to start nursery the next day, which was lucky as I was already back at work at that point, so it would have made things a bit tricky if she’d kicked up a big fuss!

She’s only doing two half-days and one full day a week, which is spaced out and combined with time spent with grandparents too and me of course, so it’s a good mix for her I think and by the looks of things, she’s going to enjoy all the new experiences coming her way.  I’m so very proud of her, but I can’t quite believe how grown up she is getting all of a sudden!

Another big milestone this week… we went to buy her first pair of shoes!  She’s standing so much now and staggering along with the walker at home, I figured it was important she had a proper pair of shoes to give her added grip and support as she works towards taking her first steps.  So, off we went to Clarks, where she was measured-up and fitted.  She was measured as a 3.5F and we picked out and bought the Ida Acorn shoes from Clarks’ First Shoes Collection, which are a dark-grey leather with a touch of pink here and there and a little bit of glitter for sparkly good measure!  They have a high collar and T-bar fastening and she seems to have taken very well to them!  She has been putting them through their paces ever since she got them!

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