Claudia at 51 weeks

51wks17-23 January: Claudia at 51 weeks.

Pictured here with my sister’s boyfriend – who she is rather taken with!

A busy week, crammed with nursery sessions, fun with grandparents, play-dates with friends, a princess-themed birthday party (one of Allegra’s buddies, but baby C enjoyed the festivities too) and then Sunday lunch with Aunty Chrissy and her black-spectacles wearing boyfriend.  Jam-packed but fun!

No sign of Claudia taking her first solo steps as yet, but she teases us by being dangerously close.  She is now quite adept at just randomly standing up in the middle of the room, or just wherever she’s sitting, without pulling herself up, just BOOM, up she stands and then remains, standing, slightly wobbly but defiant and often with flapping waving arms or clapping hands!  She’s diddy, but strong!

I think those baby steps may not be too far away….

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