Review: Y-cam HomeMonitor

There’s a chance I could get a bit porky over the coming months.

You see, I’ve never been much of a gym go-er.  Never even had so much of a gym membership (*audible gasps at the back of the room*), I know, I know, just think what I might have become if only I’d parted with £45 pcm and spent every waking free moment pounding the treadmill instead of beating a path to the latest bar/restaurant/cafe that demanded my attention.  Ho hum, what might of been…

I digress.

I was saying, there’s a chance I could get a bit porky over the coming months.

No, it’s not because I’m over-eating to comfort myself over the death of Mark Sloane (although that is possibly a factor…); nor is it because my onesie is so roomy that it seems only right I should do my level best to fill it out a bit more.  It is not because I regularly end up finishing Allegra’s lunch/dinner because these days she usually refuses to eat anything that is not (a) a sausage, (b) pasta, or (c) cheese – although, I know in my heart of hearts that doesn’t make it right that I should scoff the lot just because she doesn’t.  It must be the Irish/Italian in me… can’t bear to waste food.

It’s the stairs.  The reason I might end up putting on weight.  The stairs.

Or rather my reduced need to go up and down them with alarming frequency.  They – and the going up and down – were my primary source of exercise.  Well, along with running around after an active almost-3-year-old and a 1 year old who is without doubt the fastest crawler, climber this side of Surrey.

Up and down, down and up, fetching and carrying, carrying and fetching.  And… checking. Check, check, checking, always with the checking… Checking on Allegra, checking on Claudia… are they awake/asleep/plotting a coup from their cots… the usual. But now, not so much with the up and the down, the down and the up, the checking and the checking, incessant checking… I became a bit of a loon for the checking, especially with baby Claudia (I thought you were meant to be more relaxed second time around?!).

It kept me fit.  Even if it did make watching an episode of Grey’s Anatomy a little disjointed… “what’s that noise? – better go and check” *DVD on pause, dashes up the stairs*… “can you hear anything? – no.  No, me neither – better go and check” *pauses DVD again and dashes up stairs*.  It doesn’t make for the smoothest of viewing experiences.

No more!

We’ve rigged up the nursery with a rather clever Y-cam HomeMonitor™ – a cloud camera that lets you access a live view or recorded footage of whatever you’ve placed it to record – in our case, it is trained on Claudia’s cot – from any internet-enabled computer or smartphone.

It’s ridiculously easy.  You just connect the camera – super simple – create an account online, and you’re away!  No fiddling, no techie knowledge and know-how required, no hassle.  There are free apps for iPhone and iPad and Android handsets, so you can even log-in and check-out what’s occurring when you’re on the go.

It’s been quite a revelation!  If there’s a noise from the nursery, or more-so actually when there’s not, I can grab the laptop, or my phone, log-in online or via the app, and hey presto, real-time view of what my baby girl is up to in her cot.  Genius.

Image 2

I’ve particularly loved it since going back to work as on the afternoons where Claudia is at home with grandparents, around about the time she goes down for her afternoon nap, I can log-in from my desk and have a sneaky peak at her snoozing peacefully (or jumping up and down in protest), from the comfortable (ish) vantage point of my desk.  It’s been a lovely way to stay connected with her during a work-day, although sometimes gives me a little pain in my chest when I see her there in slumber and I’m not there to stroke her head. Then again, the hot cup of coffee I’m drinking while watching helps ease the pain…

That and the fact I’ve likely just been to the toilet by myself.

For avoidance of doubt, I always go to the toilet by myself at work, it’s just at home that the luxury doesn’t tend to afford itself so much…

Let me give you some technical details (shamelessly lifted from Y-cam’s website): “every clip recorded by HomeMonitor™ is stored securely in the cloud, free for 7 days available for you to catch-up anytime or to download whenever you need. Our trusted cameras are full to the brim with intuitive and useful features, including Smart Buffer™, a clever pre-recording function saving up to 10 seconds before the event so you never miss a moment and professional infrared night vision, letting you see in the dark up to 15m of vision even in pitch black. HomeMonitor™ also offers free live view from anywhere via our free applications for iPhone, iPad and Android smartphone or dedicated mobile website with no restrictions or subscriptions.”

We had ours out of the box and set up in minutes and it has worked brilliantly – save for a few issues with the WiFi (but that’s been our own issues, not the fault of the HomeMonitor™ system).

Here are three things I love about HomeMonitor™:

  1. It allows me to check in on my baby girl whenever she’s in her cot, from wherever I am in the world (not that I am usually further away from her than downstairs on the sofa, but still).
  2. It is discreet and compact, barely noticeable in the room and yet the footage is crystal clear to view.
  3. Super super easy to set up, even for a person – like myself – with zero technical ability and a morbid fear of reading instruction manuals.

… and three things I don’t:

  1. It has awakened a need in me to want to log-in and view real-time footage of what is going on in every room in my house!  This means I feel compelled to rig my whole house up with these marvellous little WiFi cameras… to date, I have resisted, but the urge is strong.
  2. I look more than a little bit weird when captured on film in infrared night vision (my hair looks distinctly blonde… it is not blonde…).
  3. The amount of times I go up and down the stairs is now significantly reduced.  Ergo, the size of my butt and upper thighs is sadly not…

Ah well, you can’t have it all I guess.

The Y-cam HomeMonitor™ – love it,  definitely go buy one!


Disclosure:  we were sent a Y-cam HomeMonitor™ free of charge for the purposes of this review and have been testing it out for the past two months, all opinions are honest and our own.  The camera retails at approx. £130 and you can find out more here.

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