Review: I Love You, Alfie Cub (Parragon Books)

When baby Claudia arrived on the scene in the Richmond household, she was (thankfully!) welcomed with open arms, over-enthusiastic bear-hugs, and opened-mouthed slobbery kisses from her then almost 2 year old sister.

We have certainly been lucky to see virtually nothing resembling sibling rivalry or resentment, save from the odd snatching away of toys on a “don’t feel much like sharing” day!

But it could have been very different…

So if you have a new baby on the way or one that’s recently taken up permanent residence, you could do worse than to get your hands on a copy of Parragon Books’ I Love You, Alfie Cub by Angela McAllister and illustrated by Daniel Howarth.


Beautifully illustrated, this short paperback book does a brilliant job at reassuring little ones that while family dynamics might change, their mummy’s love for them never will.

The story centres on Alfie, a little fox cub, whose mummy has just given birth to twin sisters. Thankfully the tale begins just after the birth so there are no “here’s how babies come into the world” conversations required!

Alfie is concerned that his mummy might not have enough love to go around for him and his two new baby sisters, so he sets off to find her some new love to stock up her reserves.

The story concludes with his mum reassuring him that while she may have been busy and tired and distracted (we hear you mother fox!) with the new babies, she would never run out of love for him, her precious Alfie cub. It’s very sweet and Allegra has really taken to the story, she’s actively asked for it a number of times at bedtime and it makes for a good pre going to bed read as it is quite short but not over in a flash.

Here’s Allegra herself to tell you about it (sorry about the bogeys… can anyone tell me how to stop her fascination with her nose?!)

I Love You, Alfie Cub is available to buy on Amazon priced £5.99

We were sent this book by Parragon Books for the purposes of this review but all opinions are honest and our own.

4 thoughts on “Review: I Love You, Alfie Cub (Parragon Books)

  1. I remember the anxiety I had thinking about how my then 3yr old daughter would cope with her baby brother. Luckily they are just beautiful together, and books like this really help as children are so literal in their understanding of their world. Allegra is just so cute xx

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