A date with my big girl

It’s not often that I get the chance to spend some quality time one-on-one with my big girl Allegra. Life is so busy, especially now I’m back at work 3 days a week, and when I’m at home I have both little monkeys to keep entertained. Claudia has started walking and so needs A LOT of attention and shadowing, it’s like having a little drunk in the house!

So a few weeks back, I planned an afternoon of mummy and Allegra time, so we could indulge in some of her favourite things and have some fun, just the two of us.

We travelled across London, from Richmond over to North of the river to Finchley, to visit the fantastic Arts Depot there. We took a train and bus ride to get there, this was very exciting for my little miss as she loves the chance to travel on public transport! (just wait until you start commuting my lovely, I’ve had one man stand on my foot and another sneeze on my shoulder this week alone!).

We were going to the Arts Depot to watch the puppet/stage show of the fantastic children’s book Dogs Don’t Do Ballet – one of Allegra’s favourites!

Before we saw the show, they were running a craft workshop, around the book, and we went along to get our creative on! Allegra enjoyed creating some spinning pictures – using pens and paper plates, turning a wheel to make the plate spin (just like spinning ballerina dog Biff… see where they were going with the theme).


Then we had fun with spinning top crayons on a big sheet of paper on the floor, where mummy also had a go at a bit of drawing (quite a good likeness I think you’ll agree!).

Allegra rounded off the session with a bit of free painting – notice the strong use of primary colours – and this masterpiece is now up on the wall in her bedroom (conveniently masking a damp stain we really do need to see to!).

Next we had a spot of lunch and Allegra got to have some fun in the soft play area before we went in to see the performance.

We had fantastic front row seats and Allegra was captivated from the off. It was such a charming way to bring the story to life – the puppets were adorable and mixed with the theatrics of the two actors, it really told the story well. The staging and props were simple but effective and we really did enjoy it immensely – especially watching the shadow of Biff in his ballet tutu pirouetting behind the stage safety screen, adorable!

Sadly we weren’t allowed to take pics during the show, but here’s Allegra being a bit naughty and storming the stage for a quick snap before we left.

As we headed home afterwards, we got to chat about the show and the story, and take selfies of ourselves pulling funny faces.

It was a perfect mummy/daughter afternoon – I’m looking forward to many more together.

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