A very special Princess party: turning 3 and 1

Although it does mean a serious influx of new toys across December, January, and February, and a house therefore fit to burst, there are some advantages to having two daughters with birthdays that are only a month apart (and kick-off around a month post Christmas).  As Claudia turned one at the end of January and Allegra hit the mighty three towards the end of Feb, it seemed only fitting that we should throw a joint party and celebrate both together.


Allegra wasted no time in setting the theme of the party: Princesses.  No surprise there… this is a girl SERIOUSLY obsessed.  The only challenge was then deciding which of her many (many, many…) Disney princess dresses she would select for the occasion.  In the end, it turned out to be Rapunzel, accessorised with faux hair hairband/plait and Pascal toy.  After a fair bit of searching, I managed to find an ADORABLE Snow White dress for Claudia and so her outfit was sorted.

Image 3

There was so much excitement in the build-up to the party, every morning for about two weeks Allegra would ask “is it my party today” and then, finally, the day arrived and more friends than I even I can remember inviting descending upon the church hall we’d booked and the festivities began.

We had some wonderful wonderful entertainers from The Giggle Company, who I can’t recommend highly enough. Dressed as Cinderella and Rapunzel, Allegra has been talking about them ever since “when the big Cinderella and big Rapunzel came to my party…” and they did an incredible job at keeping all the kids incredibly well entertained and having fun.  There were games, there was music – lots of music – and there was dancing, there was bubbles and pom-pom shaking, parachutes and balls, I mean you name it, they did it.  It was really really fantastic.

Image 2

Of course no party is complete without a tasty party-food spread and I tried to keep it on the right side of healthy (ish) but with some yummy treats thrown in too.  We had finger sandwiches and kids crisps/puffs, cherry tomatoes and mini sausages, sausage rolls and little smoked salmon nibbles (the latter clearly more for the grown-ups!).  Alongside the chocolate cupcakes, pink and white marshmallows, and gingerbread men, oh and the star-shaped biscuits on fairy-wands (totally glad I ordered in the food!), we also had ‘Snow White mini apples’ and an abundance of green and red grapes.  All the food was laid out in full Princess glory thanks to the beautiful Princess Party items we’d been sent by Candle and Cake – the online party shop with some SERIOUSLY gorgeous party supplies.


In keeping with our theme, Candle and Cake had sent us (amongst other things) Princess Party Cups and Plates and Napkins, gorgeous vintage-style candy-pink striped straws, some beautiful Princess Party Paper Bunting, and – one of my favourite items – a Princess Castle Cupcake Stand, which was super easy and quick to set up and surprisingly robust and steady given that it is simply made from printed card, it was really effective.

Image 1

Party bags can get a bit excessive these days and end up costing you a fortune, so I was pleased to keep things simple and using these very pretty Pink Striped Paper Candy Bags from Candle and Cake, I gave each party guest a very sweet string-bracelet – with a Princess charm for the girls and an Animal Paw (or Beauty & the Beast, Beast Paw as I positioned it!) for the boys – a Frog Prince chocolate, and a YoYo snack to go away with. Our very young baby guests received a little miniature bottle of baby shampoo with a little tag that said “for Princess-soft hair”.  So, nothing fancy, but something thoughtful I hope people liked.

The two hours flew by and there was lots of fun had by all – especially me and my sister and two cousins, who took advantage of some of the photo props I couldn’t resist including in the day!


As I tucked a very weary Allegra into bed that night, she said “I loved my party Mummy, we can do it again tomorrow, yes?” – err… yes… well, maybe next year…

Happy Birthday gorgeous girls, I couldn’t be prouder that you are both mine.


Disclosure:  we were sent some party supplies from Candle and Cake to put to the test during our Princess party, but all opinions are honest and our own.

4 thoughts on “A very special Princess party: turning 3 and 1

  1. I am looking particularly beautiful xxxx

    Happy birthday to the gorgeous Allegra and my little “star” Claudia xxxx

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