Red lipstick

On packing my weekend bag for our Parisian get-away a few weekends past, I decided to go classic and somewhat traditional with my holiday wardrobe: a Breton-stripped cashmere jumper; a bright orangey-red knitted dress to wear with heels for dinner; skinny jeans worn tucked in to knee-high black boots; a big and beautifully patterned scarf to keep out the March-chill; and of course the essential component for any Paris holiday wardrobe – red lipstick!


Perhaps it was a desire to blend in with the beautiful locals, I’m not sure, but there is something unfailingly-French about wearing red lipstick.  Mine was a matt-red, full-bodied but not flashy number from Clinique – I’d love to tell you the name of it, but annoyingly it doesn’t seem to have it on the bottom of the stick anymore – and I wore it both day and night.  For anyone who knows me and knows my laziness when it comes to make-up, wearing lipstick day and night is somewhat of a big deal for me!  But, I was glad I did, for those French ladies are big into red lipstick and I spotted it on women everywhere!

From a cartoon-pop of pillar-box red to a juicy-cherry-red hue and even a subtle but statement-making almost burgundy, red lipstick was EVERYWHERE!

Unable to take photographic evidence (without causing alarm!) of my best red lipstick spots to share with you, I have had to take to Pinterest instead to collate some of my favourite red lipstick looks inspired by Paris.  Ooh la la, enjoy!












Photos sourced on Pinterest.

4 thoughts on “Red lipstick

  1. You know I swear by red lips-my Mum always says it gives you that flash of confidence and she’s right-the *cough lesser known Alexa Chung believes it hides tiredness-adore this post and you looks beautiful my friend, love your style. Come link up to #fashionfriday on style blog with this post if you fancy!

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