Review: Fisher-Price Feeding Range

Today sees the launch of an innovative new feeding range from the much loved infant and pre-schooler brand Fisher-Price.  Available exclusively from Boots, products in the range are designed to grow with your child every step of the way, from weaning to feeding independence.

Claudia and I were sent some of the new products to put to the test and as a baby toddler who is more than a little enthusiastic about food and increasingly wanting to exert her independence, it couldn’t have come at a better time quite honestly!

Image 5

We loved how bright and colourful the products are and what I’m also particularly happy about is that they are all dishwasher friendly – essential for any feeding related product!

The Stack ‘n’ Store Sippy Cups are just right for chubby little hands to hold.  Leak free – a real bonus! – I like the fact that the simple design is perfect for compact storage.  Our cupboards are a bit of a mess of tumbling out kids beakers and cups, plates and bowls, so these ones that stack are great.  I like the fact also that there aren’t lots of bits and pieces to the cups – you get a cup, a lid, a handle, sorted.  None of this faffing about with valves and spouts and other ‘where the hell does this bit go’ parts!

Image 4

We were also sent the Wrap-Around Spoons, which are a set of bendy spoons that can be twisted and shaped to suit baby’s individual needs and make them easier to hold as your child learns to feed themselves.  Claudia is increasingly wanting to feed herself, so I was interested to put these to the test and actually, she got on really well with them and was able to grip them easily and manoeuvre them in/out of her bowl etc.  Of course the mess that ensues with self-feeding did make me slightly come out in hives (sorry, I know…!) but I can see that as she starts to do more for herself at mealtimes that these are ideal for her to learn with, so a big thumbs up here.

Image 3 Image 1

For ‘on-the-go’ we were also sent the Tote Along Snacker and Fork & Spoon set.  Both are great to pop into the changing bag and for use when you’re out and about.  The snacker pot is fab because it has a little handle, which means your child can hold it or you can hang it on the buggy, and the soft rubber flap lid means little hands can get in and out to reach their nibbles without spilling the contents everywhere.


Definitely check out the range online if you have a little one, especially if you’re in the throes of weaning, the products have clearly been well thought through and designed with practicality as well as fun in mind.  A big tick from the Richmond household!

Disclosure: we were sent items from the Fisher-Price feeding range to review for the purposes of this post but all opinions are honest and our own.

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