IMG_6916On Saturday, Shredded Wheat and the cholesterol charity Heart UK were at the O2 for the day doing cholesterol tests for passers-by and raising awareness of the importance of heart health and getting your cholesterol tested.  I popped along with my mum to get tested and find out more…


First we each had our cholesterol tested – not something I have ever done before and despite having been through childbirth twice (ok, c-sections rather than natural, but still, it ain’t pain free!) I felt surprisingly nervous about a little finger-prick! But it was nothing and it was over in seconds.  I was delighted to be told that I have a healthy total cholesterol number and duly gave myself a pat on the back! Apparently six out of every 10 UK adults have raised cholesterol and because there are no clear symptoms, many of those have no idea.  For some, the first sign might be a heart attack!


After that, I took part in a questionnaire to find out my heart age (this gives you a guide as to how healthy your heart is), which I was delighted to discover was rated at 32 years (6 years lower than my actual age) – go me!


Finally, the two of us made a #hearthealthpledge – see below, mine was the one written in blue felt-tip… maybe I’ll cut back rather than lay off completely…


I was really glad to get my cholesterol tested and even if you are a Marathon-running super healthy health freak, it doesn’t mean you are immune to raised cholesterol – so if you’ve not been tested before, I’d recommend you do as it’s simple and quick to do.

You can help improve your cholesterol levels by:

For more information and advice visit Heart UK.

Disclosure:  I was gifted with two complimentary tickets to see Miranda Hart at the O2 in return for popping by the Shredded Wheat/Heart UK stand on Saturday and writing this post about the campaign.  Note – Miranda Hart does not work with Shredded Wheat or Heart UK, nor is she involved in this campaign.

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