Little Yeo’s Little Launch

image005Earlier this week, me and the girls were invited to a charming little pottery cafe in Clapham where those yoghurt gurus Yeo Valley were launching their new Little Yeo’s range. We had a lovely afternoon hanging out with bloggy friends and their littles and getting our chops around the tasty new pots of organic fromage frais that Yeo Valley is launching this month.

IMG_6879The event had all the key ingredients to be a hit with my two munchkins:

  1. There was a buffet that was within far too easy reach of Claudia’s grabbing hands
  2. There were delicious home-made muffins and cakes, alongside savoury yummies for Allegra to indulge in
  3. There was the opportunity for some hand (Allegra) and feet (Claudia) painting – can’t wait to get our hand/foot print plate once it’s been fired!
  4. There were other littles to play with (and fight over toys with!)
  5. There was an unlimited supply of yoghurt! #winner

Let me tell you some more about the yoghurt…

Available in a new 6-pack, these thick and creamy organic Fromage Frais contain no artificial sweeteners, colours or preservatives and come in a variety of new combinations such as Pear & Apple, which proved to be a big hit with Claudia (already a big lover of yoghurt). There are also no added refined sugar yoghurts in the range – sweetened using only organic grape juice concentrate – and these come in flavours such as Strawberry & Vanilla – Allegra tried and enjoyed – and Mango & Vanilla or Strawberry & Peach, which was another winner with my girls. Little Yeo’s are made using milk from organic British dairy farms, mixed with the best organic ingredients.


My two are huge yoghurt fans anyway and we’ve been buying large fridge packs of Yeo Valley natural yoghurt and the yoghurt with honey variant for a while now, so they are staples in our fridge, but I would definitely consider buying these little pots for the girls – especially now Claudia is increasingly wanting to feed herself. These are perfect for little hands.


After all that scoffing, we got down to some painting and plate decorating. Claudia was either traumatised by being away from the buffet or simply by being held down to have her foot painted, but either way she didn’t enjoy that bit of the afternoon and went into a screaming fit – but hey, no pain no gain right?! and hopefully we’ll end up with a nice memento of her foot and Allegra’s hand on a plate for all time!


Thanks Yeo Valley for a fun afternoon!

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