Happiness is…


… getting your face painted. Spending a sunshiny day at Godstone Farm with Nonna (on her birthday!) and your sister and Mummy. Eating a picnic lunch. Having loads of time to go crazy in the soft-play play-barn. Petting rabbits. Seeing stinky pigs sleeping. Having a mid-afternoon ice cream. Getting to explore the adventure playground and shooting down the toboggan run with mummy (who scraped her elbow!). Listening to Disney Princess music all the way there and back. Seeing Nonno when he came back from work. Falling asleep in the car in your PJs, face-paint still on, and snoring happily even when mummy lifts you out of your car-seat and puts you carefully into bed and cleans your face before kissing your head and turning out the light.


… having free reign to explore the toddler soft-play and little play-houses with windows perfect for playing peekaboo. Holding a baby rabbit with mummy and kissing it on the head. Eating sandwiches and crispies and many many many strawberries sitting on Nonna’s lap. Seeing chickens and goats and horses and pigs and cows and sheep and… Snoozing in the buggy for two hours, without a care in the world. Going weeeeee on the slide and swings. Getting a bit dirty in the sandpit. Feeding myself (well, a bit!) dinner. Falling asleep in mummy’s arms after a busy and fun-packed day.


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