The reality of being a working mum

Working 3 days a week - it's the magic number...

Working 3 days a week – it’s the magic number…

I went back to work in January.  Managed to swing-it to work a 3-day week, whoop whoop, go me!  Pretty much the dream in terms of work/life balance eh?  But it’s still not without its challenges let me tell you and while I’m pleased to report that by and large it’s working out well and I’m definitely happy to be back at work (full-time stay-at-home mum with two pre-school kiddiwinks is way too hard for a need-my-personal-space kinda girl like me!), there are some moments where I stand back at marvel at the slight ridiculousness of some of the situations I find myself in…

Like the time when on a conference call to a client, discussing the ins and outs of the campaign we were working on for them, Allegra (then aged around 18 months) did the biggest poo known to man, which required me to strip her off and hose her down in the bath as I continued unperturbed with the conversation, phone wedged between my ear and my shoulder.  Multi-tasking at it’s best.

Or the time when I end up going to bed later than I should and that coincides with one of the girls waking up in a most out of character way half-an-hour after I’ve finally gotten to sleep, thereby requiring me to get up, then I settle said child and go back to bed and finally drop off half-an-hour later only to be woken by the other child who wants to get into bed with us and spend the night punching me in the face with a wayward arm and stealing the duvet.  Suddenly it’s 6am and I’ve had about 2.5 hours of broken sleep all night and then I go into work, weeping inside and have to function like an intelligent human being #challenging

Or the time when I take a client call on a ‘day off’ and have a serious conversation about budgets when I’m actually standing in my pyjamas at the kitchen sink, CBeebies on in the background as I bribe Allegra with chocolate biscuits so she won’t do her usual of insisting she “talks to mummy’s friend on the phone” #terriblemother

But the pièce de résistance happened this Wednesday.  I don’t work Wednesdays, but this week has been particularly full-on and so I’d been taking a few calls and keeping on email a bit more than was ideal.  It was late afternoon, I was having a particularly involved conversation with a colleague and I see Allegra run into the bathroom to grab the potty and then head to her room with it, sit down, and do a wee.  No biggie.  As I go to take care of the necessary – i.e. butt wiping and potty “sorting” – Claudia runs past me (she’s quite a mover!), overtakes and gets into the room first, making a bee-line for the potty and picking it up to flamboyantly tip the contents all over the bedroom carpet.  Marvellous….

What do I do? – I keep going with the conversation, I extract my one year old from the urine-soaked pile, and I put a big towel over the wet-patch and leave the room, vowing to deal with it later.

See… juggling home and work life.  I got it nailed.  Maybe.

12 thoughts on “The reality of being a working mum

  1. This sounds so familiar! Especially the bit about insisting on speaking to mummy’s ‘friend’. I’ve learned to get around this I must tell Elfie that every work phone call I take is ‘the bank’ – then she leaves me alone! x

  2. Well done you! Even though part-time feels like the right balance, I still find I have days when I feel like the proverbial duck – paddling away furiously under water so can appear to glide effortlessly on the surface. Glad its working out for you. It’s a big change, especially if you go back part-time to a job where they’re used to having you there full time.

    • I am indeed the proverbial duck and sometimes the 3 day week gives me ‘the fear’ when I think how much I have to cram into it, but by and large it’s working out well and I’m definitely enjoying being back in the working world, which is good 🙂

    • I know! Drives me totally nuts when I’m on a phone call – work, social, with the bank, no matter.. and now I have 2 sets of hands grabbing at the phone or yelling at me! x

  3. Ahh MUCHOS respect! This made me smile – especially the bit where you bribed with chocolate biscuits. Parenting is all about doing what we need to, to get through the day and hoping we end up with well rounded kids at the end of it all. Great that you’re enjoying being back at work!

  4. How I laughed – howls of recognition from over here. Our youngest has developed a particular fascination with our eldest’s potty too – which (we hope) bodes well for potty training…

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