Siblings #May

There’s a very lovely linky, started by brilliant blogger Lucy over at Dear Beautiful that’s been running since the beginning of this year and I’ve enjoyed on her blog and across a number of others that I follow over these past five months.  Finally I’ve got around to joining in myself and sharing a photo of my gorgeous girls who as siblings are becoming the very firmest of friends.  Watching their friendship blossom is truly a wonderful thing and I feel privileged to be part of seeing their relationship develop – can’t wait to see what the future holds for these two as sisters.

Image 2


As soon as Claudia arrived in our lives, Allegra took on the role of big sister with no looking back and to this day, she still amazes me by just how wonderful she is when it comes to loving and looking after her little sis.

She totally adores her and is like a third parent to Claudia, she really wants to help take care of her and look after her and guide her – it’s just too cute.

Of course, they have their “moments” – usually toy-sharing related or food related, which will spiral into a tantrum by one of them and a lot of screaming and tears ensues.  But, usually… usually… they can be fairly quickly resolved and we’re back to the best of friends again before too long.

They love to look at books together – Allegra showing her the pages and “reading” to her – and potter about in the playroom, usually being territorial about who is playing with the Disney Princess Palace and Little People figurines and who they do and don’t belong to!  Allegra gets mad when she lines up her princesses and Claudia comes along and grabs one or knocks them all flying as she charges about (she’s a runner not a walker, shall we say…) and Claudia gets frustrated if she has designs on a toy but doesn’t get her own way to get her mitts on it because Allegra will purposely move it out of her reach and decide it’s hers.

Then there are times when they share incredibly well with each other and I’m left gobsmacked as one offers the other the last bit of their biscuit or hands-over a toy totally unprompted.

Wonders will never cease.

Bath times are a splashy, sploshy, sometimes challenging but usually great fun time of the day together.  They love getting in the tub together and will giggle and laugh until one of them gets the hiccups!  Then there’s the post bath ‘let’s run around naked’ time, which always produces fits of giggles and jumping up and down on mummy and daddy’s bed (cue photo opp above!).

Allegra calls Claudia “Claudy” and she’ll call out to her a bit like she’s a small dog – “Claudy, Claudy, come here Claudy, come here…” patting the sofa beside her and nodding her head in encouragement to get her sister to come over to her.  Sometimes it works, more often than not this strong-willed little baby/toddler will throw her head back and laugh and then charge off in the other direction!

Claudia LOVES her big sister with a love that shines out of her every time she looks at her. You can see it in her eyes.  She properly worships her and when Allegra walks into the room, Claudia’s whole face lights up.  Sometimes, when I hear that Claudia’s woken from her nap, I’ll say to Allegra she can go in and see her before I do – I hear her open the door and say “hello Claudy” and then she’ll turn on the light and chatter to her and I hear Claudia giggling and clapping, then Allegra will scramble her way over the cot bars and into Claudia’s bed, and they’ll sit there together cuddling.  Allegra might sing “Wind the Bobbin Up” (Claudia’s favourite!) and show her the actions or get her baby sister out of her sleeping bag and then as I follow into the room, the two of them look up at me with big smiles on their faces and I just think wow, how the bloody hell did I get so lucky?!


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One thought on “Siblings #May

  1. This is such a gorgeous post, so very descriptive and full of emotion, brought a lump to my throat! They look lovely together and very cuddly with each other, and long may it last! xx

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