Review: Dora the Explorer™ Swimming Mermaid Dora

Bath toys, I’m not gonna lie, they get my goat more than a little bit.  Mostly they are of the annoying rubber variety, you can never squeeze the bath-water fully out of them and then gradually they develop that yukky black stuff inside them, which comes spurting out when one of the kids gives them an ill-advised suck during a soak.  Not good.  Then there’s the fact that there are so blinkin’ many of them and they do rather get in the way of a relaxing bath – nothing worse than finding a rubber duck in a place it ought not to be when you’re trying to soak away the troubles of the day.

Despite my growing dislike for bath toys, they are it seems a necessary evil and it’s been a while since we had anything more adventurous than the usual rubbery sort to entertain the girls come bath time.  Step forward the Dora the Explorer™ Swimming Mermaid Dora bath toy



With not a rubbery feature in sight, the Fisher-Price Swimming Mermaid Dora comes complete with a comb so you can brush her long mermaid hair, which has a rather striking purple highlight that – get this!! – changes to pink when she is immersed in warm water.  Seriously, that feature alone kept Allegra amazed and amused for quite some time!


You wind up her seashell necklace and set her free into the bath and off Dora goes, tail flip-flapping through the water as she swims through the soap-suds.  In all honesty, she swims about as well as most other ‘move through the water’ bath-toys, kind of ok but often needing a bit of an extra helping hand here and there to keep her going!

Allegra has actually enjoyed playing with her in the bath a fair bit – she has a bit of love for mermaids generally thanks to Ariel/The Little Mermaid (never seen the film but loves the book and has a fair few Ariel toys) – so having a mermaid to play with in the bath has been a hit.  Definitely her favourite feature is the hair, which she likes to comb and wash (with some of her own shampoo) and brush in the bath.  She really loves the fact that the stripe in Dora’s hair changes colour from purple to pink and back again – not least because those are also her two favourite colours, so win-win.



Swimming Mermaid Dora is recommended for ages 3 years and up and Allegra, aged 3, I think is probably the best age to enjoy her.  Claudia at 16 months is that bit too young and while she’s picked her up and examined her a bit, she’s not shown that much interest in her versus other bath toys more for her age.

So, the overall verdict:  a fun bath-time toy for princess/mermaid loving girls who will enjoy playing with Dora’s long hair and imagining underwater adventures.  Not the greatest swimmer, but Dora provides lots of fun nonetheless and is a welcome change from the ubiquitous squeezy, squirty, rubbery bath toy!

Available from a variety of toyshops/retailers including Argos:  Fisher-Price Swimming Mermaid Dora, RRP £21.99

Disclosure:  we were gifted the Swimming Mermaid Dora by Fisher-Price for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are honest and our own.


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