Raving with Big Fish Little Fish

IMG_7340I have never been what you might call a raver.  I mean I like music as much as the next person, but the opportunity to sit down and enjoy table-service and a nice glass of red wine, wins out for me every time when it comes to an evening out.  Being in a field with a lot of “happy people” waving their arms in the air and hugging everyone…. it’s not for me.

Thankfully, Big Fish Little Fish events are nothing like that.  Billed as a “creative and exciting music and dance party for the post-rave generation of parents and kids” they promise all the fun of a mini festival and events are held in Brixton, Crouch End and Balham.  They’ll also be at this year’s Camp Bestival, with their unique blend of great tunes (*cringe, sorry*) spun by top DJs and a host of added extras from crafts to confetti guns, to ensure fun for kids and parents alike.

Last month, we were invited to the Balham party and enjoyed an afternoon of great music, balloons, glow-sticks, bubble machines… and a whole lot more!  I have to admit, it was a little surreal.  Finding myself in the middle of a Sunday afternoon, dancing with baby/toddler Claudia in a room that felt distinctly clubby – dark, with club visuals/lighting, while the DJ played something by Soul2Soul.  Suddenly I felt a bit like I was back in my old University student’s union… but with a small child in my arms… surreal.  But, whilst at times it felt all a bit frantic and full-on (I refer you back to my feelings towards clubbing and my preferred night out…), it was undeniably great fun and the girls both had a whale of a time!



Claudia spent a lot of time by the huge colouring wall:  a giant circus (the theme of the day) picture that the kids could wander over to and just colour-in whenever they fancied.  She loved the opportunity to get her hands on some crayons and scrawl to her hearts content.  Allegra was also pretty taken with that as well, so they both hung out there a fair bit:


We of course spent some time on the dance-floor.  The music was very much geared towards the adults, so there’s no hint of a Wheels on the Bus nor Happy And You Know It to be heard.  As it was, Allegra was happy to have a little shimmy there, but without any sign of Disney Princess music on the billing she fairly soon lost interest and preferred to hang out in the main room where the colouring wall and crafts table – along with free Happy Monkey Smoothies and Bear snacks.


In fact, both girls really enjoyed the crafts area, which is managed by Captain Cookie (child craft expert) and spent ages carefully decorating cone party hats with many a sparkly star or heart sticker or fluffy coloured pom-pom.  It certainly kept both of them occupied for a good while and I was amazed at Claudia’s powers of concentration when it came to styling-out her hat – she wasn’t so keen on actually wearing it though!

BFLF2There was also a dress-up “photo booth” by Badaboom, cake stall by BakerChef – with delicious-looking Circus themed treats – plus a chill-out room with inflatables and a ball-pool for the littlest ravers (best for under ones/those not really yet walking).  Allegra even got to take part in a free synth workshop with Korg!IMG_7339

It was certainly a very different and fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon in May: 2-hours of afternoon “raving” and by the time we got back home, we were all pretty shattered!  Well, all that big fish little fish cardboard box” business does take it out of you…

Big Fish Little Fish is particularly targeted at families with younger children (8 and under), but all age groups are welcome as long as there are both adults and children in the part.  We were gifted tickets to attend for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are honest and our own.  For more information and details on the next event and how to buy tickets, visit:  http://www.bigfishlittlefishevents.co.uk


4 thoughts on “Raving with Big Fish Little Fish

  1. Interesting, we nearly went to a CE one a few months ago but I’m glad now we didn’t as I don’t do vlubs either and I think jem would have been too young to get much out of it. Now I will definitely give it a go next time as I hadn’t appreciated the activities available and he loves a boogie!

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