Claudia at 16 months

At 16 months, Claudia is:

  • walking, for a few months now, well actually more like running around like a bit of a drunk mostly!
  • climbing, anything she can – favourites are stairs, the sofa, on/off her big sister’s bed
  • chattering, but not really saying any decipherable words other than “mamma”, “dadda”, and “pep-pa” (yes, Peppa Pig…)
  • eating – like a horse! Favourite foods are pasta (especially with pesto), yoghurt, sausages, bananas, cottage pie… she’s pretty much happy to eat most things you put in front of her!
  • obsessed with STRAWBERRIES and GRAPES – she could eat them all day every day if she was given the chance!
  • playing – mainly with her big sister’s toys whenever she gets the chance, especially her baby-dolls who she likes to cuddle and pat and feed
  • enjoying flicking through books – favourites are The Gruffalo sound book and The Very Hungry Caterpillar puppet book, oh and anything Peppa…
  • LOVING her big sister – her face literally lights up when she sees Allegra and she giggles happily when she comes into the room
  • so very very affectionate – she loves a good cuddle and she loves to give cuddles, it is truly adorable.  Particularly love it when she puts her heavy head on your shoulder when she’s tired and getting ready to go to sleep
  • developing quite a temper… boy oh boy do you know about it if she doesn’t get her own way, cripes!
  • able to point out her head and her nose, and “wind the bobbin up”
  • able to identify a lion and say “raaaaa” and a sheep and say “baa baa” – too cute!
  • quick to do the hand actions when you start singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  • very attached to her White Company soft and cuddly penguin that she got from Father Christmas – he can often be found clutched tightly under her arm or snuggled up to her when she goes to sleep
  • still using a dummy and is probably a bit too attached to it… need to think about ditching that in the next few months I think… eek!
  • at her happiest bouncing around on mummy and daddy’s bed with her big sister and laughing uncontrollably
  • not too fond of hair-washing, but does love baths
  • a big fan of mobile phones (for playing with, talking on, and photo-browsing!) and TV remote controls (which I think she may think is in fact a really big mobile phone!)
  • little in stature, but BIG in personality!


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