We are family

Family, it’s a funny beast.  As the saying goes – you can’t choose ’em and all that… But the relationships we have with our nearest and dearest, though they may have their ups and downs, are pretty bloody special if they’re good and they’re supportive and they’re born of genuine love and affection.

I have one sister and she is flippin’ brilliant.  Don’t get to see her as much as I would like to, sometimes we can even go weeks without making contact. I don’t feel good about that, but it’s just how it is.  Life can sometimes just get in the way, but I’m thankful we’ve always been close and she is one of the most special people in my life.  I love her to bits.

Most of our extended family lives in Italy and Ireland, but we have three first cousins in this country who we grew up with and while we again do struggle to get together often and spend time together as much as we’d like, when we do manage it, we’re as thick as thieves and it’s ace.

On Saturday night, me and my sis and my three cousins went out.  Not just out… OUT OUT.  Shoreditch House was the venue of choice and we started the evening with a civilised enough dinner and LOTS and LOTS of chattering and laughing and catching up.  And here’s what I love about an evening with this little gang of mine – days, weeks, months may pass and we don’t always do well at keeping in touch and staying close, but put us together again and we’re off like a runaway train.  Talking about times gone by, memories of funny childhoods spent together playing and putting on plays and never wanting the day to end and to go home (Claire!!).  Talking about our lives now, who’s up to what, how are the kids, who’s going on a new adventure, has a new job, been on holiday.  And we laugh until wine comes out of our noses (maybe that’s just me…) and we sometimes cry a bit and we are buoyed up by the great chat and the feeling of familial love and support and happiness that comes with being in the moment with some of the people who know you the very best in life.

And it’s brilliant.

And that was before we headed down after dinner to play slightly drunken ping-pong, drink too many Sambuca shots, hog the photo booth for an inappropriately long period of time and then chat to randoms at the bar… let’s not mention the dodgy dancing/catwalk-strutting manoeuvres…


I’m not going to lie, Sunday was a struggle.  But when you spend an evening laughing until your face aches and re-connecting with some of the most important people in your life, the raging slight hangover and overwhelming feeling of weariness is kind of worth it.  Maybe one or two less Sambuca shots though next time.

2 thoughts on “We are family

  1. Aw how lovely, it was great to spend time with you all. Although you are a bad influence. We went from spa and zen like to hungover in the blink of an eye (or downing of a shot).

    • It was such a fun evening – not sure I can be considered to be the bad influence though… sure it was you or Claire who suggested shots in the first place, it wouldn’t have been me!

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