Siblings in July

I’m excited to share some pictures of my two little ladies this month and join in with the Siblings linky because I have some lovely photos of my girls captured on our recent trip to Norfolk.


Our holiday was not only fantastic quality family time, but it was also a great opportunity to take a moment to watch these two little sisters interacting on a daily basis, without being distracted by the daily chores and grind of usual everyday life (that’s not to say my life is a daily chore or grind, just that you know – work and home and life in general can sometimes get in the way of you taking a step back and appreciating the things right under your nose!).

What I am totally besotted with at the moment is just how in love with each other my two girls are. It is literally THE CUTEST thing I’ve ever seen and we saw a lot of love and cuteness between the two of them on our holiday. Don’t get me wrong, that’s not to say they don’t have the odd squabble and fight (often over a toy) or there isn’t tears caused by one to the other (more often than not usually Claudia bopping Allegra over the head with the TV remote), but for 90% of the time, they are crazy about each other.


Claudia is THE BEST at giving cuddles, without question. You say to her “Claudi, cuddle for mamma” and she throws her arms around your neck, nuzzles into your shoulder, sometimes she even gives you a pat, pat, pat on the back and utters an “aaaaahhhh”. It’s properly adorable. Every morning when she wakes up, Allegra wants a cuddle from Claud. Usually it’s on our bed, with the two of them rolling around in the duvet giggling, cuddling and snuggling and patting each other on the back (while I say “ careful, careful, somebody’s going to fall off and have an accident!”) and it’s a start to the day that is simply guaranteed to put a big smile on my face. That is in amongst the stress of the normal everyday routine of trying to persuade Allegra into her clothes so we can leave the house and trying to get out the door to work with my attire unscathed by milk, yoghurt, sticky vitamin sweeties, snot and other bodily fluids etc. etc.


Having been walking since around 11 months or so now, Claudia now has one speed setting… FAST! She tears around the place like a Tasmanian devil and seems incapable of walking anywhere, everywhere she goes it is run, run run. Allegra finds this irresistibly hilarious and can’t help but charge after her and this chasing sparks hysterics and laughing and, quite often, a series of tumbles and falls and bumped heads and occasional tears as I shout afer the two of them – “slow down, stop chasing each other, somebody’s going to have an accident.!” – (you’ll no doubt see a theme emerging here!).

The two of them are as thick as thieves and one of the funniest things we saw when on holiday is just how much Claudia copies her big sister. It’s quite hilarious (and also worrying!). The two of them were in the back seat of the car on the drive home, Allegra was doing hand-actions and the like for a particular nursery rhyme or song, I can’t even remember what it was now, and there was Claudia, hawk-eye watching her and repeating every move! It made me think of all the fun times we have ahead of the two of them putting on little performances and plays like my sister and I used to do when we were kids (yes, drama queens we were even back then!).


I’m just loving seeing my two girls develop and grow into their own little people, but just as much as that I am loving seeing how the relationship they have with each other blossoms and grows. It really is something that makes me burst with pride and I hope they’ll always be as close as they are right now.

dear beautiful

7 thoughts on “Siblings in July

  1. Gorgeous post, love their LOVE for one another, my boys are becoming so much more loving too, always kissing and cuddling one another, yes there is still the odd fight and argument but as they grow their bond is too x

  2. Awww, these photos are just so so cute. And your life sounds so much like mine at the moment; watching their crazy sibling antics while warning them to slow down/be careful.
    Thanks so much for linking up to Siblings. x

    • I love the Siblings linky Lucy, it’s a great one to join in on. I feel like I’m always yelling after my two to slow down, calm down, be careful – it just seems to make them all the more hysterical! x

  3. Gorgeous photos, I love it when you see a real sibling bond developing, it’s such an amazing feeling knowing you’ve created best friends as well as siblings isn’t it 🙂

    • Thank you 🙂 Oh you are so so right, it is a totally amazing feeling – I couldn’t have dreamt for a better friendship and mutual love that seems to exist between my two right now, it’s really special x

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