Things to do in Norfolk when you’re 1 and 3: BeWILDerwood

IMG_7789What could be more fun when you’re a kid that running around an enchanted forest, climbing up to tree houses nestled in the woods, taking boat trips to tiny villages in secret locations and listening to marvellous tales of Twiggles and Boggles?! – not much I wouldn’t hesitate to bet on!  Allow me to introduce you to BeWILDerwood – an award-winning fun and adventure play park located in the Norfolk Broads and the setting for the book, ‘A Boggle at BeWILDerwood’ by local children’s author Tom Blofeld.

Richmond Daddy had discovered BeWILDerwood when he was doing some research into things to do in Norfolk ahead of our trip there last week and bought the book for Allegra so she could ‘get in the zone’ before we arrived.  In truth the book was a bit too grown up for her at this stage, given that she’s only just nudging towards 3.5 years old, but still we did talk a bit about the main characters like Swampy the Marsh Boggle and Mildred the Crocklebog, which was nice as it sort of helped set the scene for our visit.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but I must say, it really was the stuff of dreams for two curious and adventure loving little girls.  Tiny little Boggle and Twiggle (the tiny little forest people characters!) villages set in the woods, with little doorways built into trees and bridges swaying gentle between branches suggesting a community of magical forest-dwellers living there, hiding out of sight.  I’m sure it must have sent Allegra’s imagination into overdrive, it was magical!


IMG_7797Of course the most fun was to be had in one of the many tree-house areas of the parks and it was lovely that there were some areas that are specifically designed with the littlest park visitors in mind, so Claudia had lots of opportunities to run free and climb and slide and explore and even go on a tiny baby zip-wire!

Allegra was in her element and we spent the best part of the whole day there.  She climbed ladders, navigated her way across bridges high up in the forest, peered out of enchanting look tree houses, zoomed through the dappled woods on zip-wires and generally had an imaginative and adventure packed day!

A highlight as always was getting her face painted (for free!) and listening/taking part in an interactive storytelling session, with puppets no less, which told a story of Swampy the Marsh Boggle and his exploration of Scary Lake.  She loved that!

She also really really enjoyed taking a trip, more than once, on one of the boats that crosses Scary Lake and has been talking about that boat-trip (which must have lasted all of about 10 minutes but has made a lasting impression on her mind!) ever since!

It really was a fun day out and if you’re in the area and holidaying/there with kids, then I’d definitely recommend checking it out.


Taking a boat trip across Scaaaaary Lake with Daddy


 Crossing bridges through the forest to enchanting tree houses nestled high up in the woods


Forest-inspired face-paint


Preparing for launch… baby zip-wire!


Oooooooooh exciting!


A friendly chomp with Mildred the Crocklebog


Post BeWILDerwood story reading in pyjamas


5 thoughts on “Things to do in Norfolk when you’re 1 and 3: BeWILDerwood

  1. Loving the new blog design B, and looks like a great day. We have been meaning to go here for absolutely ages as it isn’t *too* far from us. We are going with friends in August and can’t wait! x

    • Thanks Katie, decided to have a bit of a design refresh – still adjusting to it but I think I like it too 🙂 Your girls will LOVE BeWILDerwood I’m sure, lots of great photo opps too! Have fun 🙂 xx

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