Review: The Fish With The Deep Sea Smile

photoThe Fish With The Deep Sea Smile is a charming picture book story written by Margaret Wise Brown and illustrated by Henry Fisher, published by Parragon Books, that we have been reading over the last few weeks at bedtime. We took it on holiday with us to Norfolk where we first started reading it and very quickly, Allegra took a shine to it – I think mainly because of it’s lovely rhyming nature, which sort of meant she learnt bits of it off by heart quite easily, but also because the pictures and colours of the illustrations are really beautiful.

After reading the book a few times on holiday, she decided one night that SHE would do the bedtime story reading to me and she “read” (her own version of) The Fish With The Deep Sea Smile. Honestly, she had me in stitches, trying my best not to let her see I was laughing of course as I didn’t want to put her off, but her rendition of the story complete with funny expressions and raised eyebrows, was just pure comedy.

It was a total holiday highlight moment.

Annoyingly at the time I didn’t capture it on camera – hey, go me, living in the moment and all that!

Since we’ve been home from our hols we unpacked this sweet little paperback and have started reading it again. Once more she told me that SHE would read me the story and this time (spontaneous as ever!) I was poised with the camera. So here, for your viewing comedy pleasure (although this rendition isn’t nearly as amusing as when she “read” it to me on hols), is Allegra’s version of The Fish With The Deep Sea Smile – apologies she’s half-naked in this video, hope I don’t alarm or offend anyone, but it’s super hot in the evenings right now so we’re all a bit half-naked in the Richmond house-hold at the moment (with the curtains drawn obvs, we’re not total exhibitionists!):

The Fish With The Deep Sea Smile is published by Parragon and has an RRP of £5.99.

Disclosure: we were sent this book by Parragon as a member of its Book Buddy programme, but all views and opinions are honest and our own.

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